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Military Auto Transport

Direct Connect Auto can provide you with a reliable and trustworthy military auto shipping service specifically for your armed service branch needs. Auto transporting is essential in any military move and we are extremely qualified as a business to assist you in any automotive transport services.

Members of the military are often required to move from place to place quite frequently without any notice. Military vehicle shipping is something that many armed service members must do, but it can be overwhelming to find the right auto transport company if you’re in a hurry or under a small window of time to get everything prepared for a move. Direct Connect Auto understands the challenges faced when up against a tight deadline in selecting the right company for the job. Do they ship to where I need to go? Are they reliable? Will they get my vehicle there on time? Will it arrive damage free? Let Direct Connect Auto put those worries to rest. We are the experts on shipping vehicles, including military vehicle transport and POV transport.

Direct Connect Auto has over 20 years of experience helping with military auto shipping needs. We have access to the largest fleet in the industry to ensure that we can pick your car up anywhere and deliver it anywhere. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offer outstanding customer service. You can have peace of mind knowing that your POV is protected with our Direct Connect Guarantee which ensures that your vehicle will arrive safely and undamaged.

As trusted car shippers, we are able to provide high performance automobile transport services that specifically fit your needs. We are skilled in the auto transport industry and can deliver your vehicle in a timely manor and in pristine condition. Auto shippers that are qualified are few and far between, and we at Direct Connect Auto know that we’re able deliver the services you are looking for from our years of experience in this industry.

Here at Direct Connect Auto Transport we believe that military auto shipping shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. But above all else, we believe it should be reliable. You shouldn’t have to worry about the condition your vehicle when it arrives, or whether or not it will be on time. We’ve been helping the military service members with their auto shipping needs for over 20 years. Direct Connect Auto Transport has experience shipping POVs throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska and even overseas. We’re experienced with the requirements and challenges that come with the process and we do everything in our power to ensure your vehicle arrives on time and in the condition you left it.

Helpful POV Shipping Links

We’ve compiled a number of helpful links below that should help you get started with the POV shipping process. Any questions? Please contact us and we will do everything we can to help. And remember, you can always fill out our Free online quote form to see how much your military vehicle shipping would cost.

POV Requirements and Guidelines

First, in order to be allowed to ship a POV you have to be an active member of one of the branches of the U.S. armed forces, a DoD civilian, or a retiree with authorization to ship. There are also a number of vehicle limitations. We’re only able to ship POVs that are wheeled and self-propelled.They must have at least four wheels--unless you’re shipping a motorcycle or a moped. They also have to be legal for use on public highways. In addition to these guidelines, it is always advisable to see if there are any restrictions that may apply to your vehicle once you reach your new destination. If you’re not positive whether or not your vehicle will be permitted you can always check with your transportation office.

Items that can be shipped in your POV

  • Tools totaling less than $200 in value
  • Car specific items such as jacks, tire irons, tire chains, first aid kits, jumper cables, and warning triangle/trouble lights
  • One spare tire and two snow tires with wheels (either mounted or unmounted)
  • Children’s car seats, strollers, and packable cribs
  • Luggage racks
  • Small items that can be packed into a single carton provided by the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC)
  • Any factory or aftermarket stereo, speakers, and audio/video equipment in POV or trunk must a permanent fixture of the POV or bolted down in some fashion

Items that cannot be shipped in your POV

  • TVs, DVD players, and gaming systems unless permanently installed
  • Any accessories that are not permanently installed
  • Any flammable or hazardous materials or substances
  • Liquids of any kind that may be spilled and leave stains
  • Pressurized cans

Additional Military Car Shipping Information

Shipping a POV is limited to a permanent change of station in the homeport of the vessel or to the base to which you are assigned. The government will pay for a single vehicle to be shipped to your new station, with any additional vehicles needing to be checked for any restrictions on commercial shipping. For every POV shipment there are basic steps that you must follow.

  • You will have to fill out the correct form for the type of vehicle you intend to ship.
  • If your PCS move is to a remote area you should contact your VPC prior to arranging military auto shipping.
  • If your vehicle is leased you will have to get written approval from the leasing company, or the owner, before authorizing a military auto transport.
  • Make sure your POV is clean and operable before shipment.

We are a proud service provider of auto shipping for the military. For a free vehicle shipping quote, simply complete our quick and easy online form. You will be emailed a low cost estimate for your military vehicle transport. If you want an immediate quote, please call us at 877-668-3227 (877-MOVE-CAR) and one of our friendly vehicle transport experts will answer any questions you have about your military auto transport needs.

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Our Guarantee: We guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition you sent it in or your money back.


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