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Auto Transport Service

Car Shipping or Driving a Long Distance

Deciding to pack up and move across the United States is a thrilling and exciting prospect. It's also a complicated move with lots of expenses. Aside from shipping furniture across the country, getting the family vehicles to the other coast, is probably the largest expenditure that a family will face. There are two basic strategies that will get the car to its new location. The family can drive it or they can have it shipped. At first consideration they might decide that its easier and faster just to get in the cars and drive them. Then reality sets in. There are many factors to be considered when comparing the cost of a long drive and a car transportation service.

Reasons why you need reliable auto transport

  • Cars are expensive investments and you need to protect them!
  • If something does go wrong with your auto transport you have to be sure that the carrier you choose is covered for damages.
  • Your carrier should be able to stick to their delivery date (barring a serious setback) because if not you could be waiting days or even weeks for your car to arrive.
  • You need an auto transporter focused on communication so if a problem does arise you can learn about it immediately and plan accordingly.

It can take several days to drive across the country. That means staying in a hotel and paying for meals and of course gas and oil. There's also the wear and tear on each car driven including the brakes and engine. Tolls on interstate highways are getting more expensive each year. Locals have the computerized passes that let them zip through, while outsiders have to patiently sit in the long line to pay their toll.

There's also the possibility of costly speeding tickets. On the very depressing side, a family might start to think about the possibility of a car accident and the injuries it would involve. At this point in the thought process, paying car shipping rates becomes a more attractive idea.

Advantages of auto shipping

Consumers should carefully evaluate auto shipping costs from several reputable car transport services. If one company comes in with a vastly lower bid, that could be the sign that it's an inaccurate price. Obtaining car shipping help can be the best decision that a family makes. They can stand in the driveway and wave good-bye to their cars. They know ahead of time what to total cost will be. They can then take a limousine to the airport and be on their way. They don't have to worry about wear and tear on their car, rising gas prices, accidents, backaches, speeding tickets, and cheap hotels. With one simple plane ride they are on their way to their new life.

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Auto Transport Service

Direct Connect Auto has been shipping vehicles for over 20 years and has an A rating with the BBB. We are fully insured and bonded. We make sure it arrives at your door on time without any difficulty.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition you sent it in or your money back.


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