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How to pick the best price to ship your car?

You've figured out what company and broker you want to engage for your auto transportation. While you are making the decision that is right for you, though, you should think about what is likely to factor into your auto transport rates.

Factors Affecting Auto Shipping Rates
  1. Distance
  2. Pickup and Dropoff Location
  3. Carrier Type
  4. Time of Year
  5. Vehicle Size

Car shipping rates are most strongly affected by the size of the vehicle that is involved. A fairly large SUV obviously requires more space and adds more weight than one of the exceptionally tiny cars like the MINI. Companies have to charge more to carry something larger due to fact that takes up more space and weight that might have otherwise been used to add additional clients to the same shipment.

Another big factor in car shipping rates is how far the vehicle actually needs to be moved. It is quite a bit easier to get something to the far side of a state than halfway across the country, and prices will reflect this.

Carrier Types and Shipping Rates

Something that you can actually make a decision about to influence your auto shipping rates is the kind of carrier that is to be used. Open carriers are standard and generally make a lot of sense because vehicles were designed to be able to withstand being out in the weather anyway. Since this is also the cheap option, it is usually the best way to go. For something that is exceptionally expensive or a route that might be unusually rough, though, it can occasionally be worthwhile to pay more for an enclosed carrier that will protect everything from whatever may happen along the road.

Making your Selection

Remember that you'll be working closely with the auto shipping company, pick the carrier type that best fits your needs and let the company know you want to place your order and schedule pickup!

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