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Auto Transport Service

Getting Auto Transport Quotes - How to pick the best car shipping quote

So you're going to ship your car. Even though they are relocating and starting a new life in another state, they don't want to leave the car that they love behind. The best option from getting a car to a new destination is to look into an auto shipping service that puts your car on a truck and transports it from your old home to your new home or college campus. These services are easy to find and allow you not to worry about your car getting to a new destination.

Factors Affecting Your Quote

  • Vehicle that does not run
  • Using Shipping Terminals
  • Difficult to Access Pickup or Dropoff Locations
  • Vehicle too high or low for conventional car carriers
  • Non-automobile vehicle types

Of course, not just any auto shipping service is going to do when it comes to getting your car from "point a" to "point b". Just like anything else where you are going to be dealing with a lot of different companies out there, it is vital that a good amount of research regarding what is out there for you to choose. While money should not be the only concern, it is going to be one of the biggest parts of your consideration.

Don't focus on the price.

The key to finding the right shipping service is to contact different companies to consult them on their services. You want to figure out what type of safety precautions they take with your vehicle, as well as getting auto transport quotes specifiying how much they charge for your specific origin and destination according to your timetable.

It's worth noting that in the world of auto transport, cheaper is not always better. Not only does a cheaper service sometimes means more risk to your car, it also means more hidden charges that do not show up until your car is delivered.

Car Shipping Quote Features

You want to make sure that either you get a list of all of the fees that are going to be charged to you in your auto shipping quotes. Don't take a "ballpark" figure, make sure that you get a set price of how much it is going to cost you. You have enough to do when you arrive in your new location than to have to worry about fighting your car delivery service on extra fees.

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Auto Transport Service

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