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Getting Your Car Ready For Shipping


Need-to-Know Before you Book:

  • Your vehicle must be operable. If it is not, additional fees or methods may apply.
  • Once vehicle is assigned to the carrier, payment is collected. If the vehicle is being picked up or delivered to a business, you will need to identify that when you book. Provide a business name, contact person and days and hours available to accommodate.
  • Please provide a working phone number where you may be reached throughout the duration of your vehicle relocation.
  • If the vehicle is pre-1980, it may require special handling. Ask your sales representative.
  • Your vehicle may not exceed 7' in height and must have a minimum of 4" ground clearance to safely load and unload your vehicle.
  • Vehicle must have no obvious fluid leaks.
  • Driver side door and window must work properly.
  • Your vehicle must have working brakes. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, it must also have a working emergency brake.
  • Your battery must be secure in the mounting bracket.
  • You must advise us of any modifications made to your vehicle such as a 4x4 lift kit, camper shell, lower vehicle clearance, etc.



Preparing Your Car for Shipment​:

  • The vehicle must be clean for inspection. A dirty vehicle decreases the ability to perform a quality inspection.
  • The gas tank must have a minimum of (1/4) tank of fuel, but no more than (1/2) tank of fuel.
  • All alarm systems must be disconnected, disabled or turned off.
  • The following items must be removed - radios, cassette decks and CD players that are not built in, as well as car phones, garage door openers, and E-Z toll tag passes.
  • All antennas must be fully retracted or removed.
  • All exterior spare tire covers grill covers or car covers must be removed.
  • Plants, hazardous materials and firearms are forbidden by law to be transported.
  • One set of ALL keys for the vehicle must be provided.
  • Non-permanent luggage racks, bike racks, or ski racks must be removed.
  • Your vehicle must be prepared for the new climate. This may include engine coolant, transmission oil, and other fluids.
  • All personal belongings must be removed (standard vehicle items such as the jack and spare tire are fine.)



Vehicle Inspection Requirements – Before and After the Move:

  • You or your designated representative must be present for the inspection at the time of pick-up and delivery.
  • You or your designated representatives are responsible for confirming your vehicle's condition. This must be done before the driver leaves the destination.
  • You or your designated representative must sign the bill of lading and condition report at both origin and destination.
  • Vehicle condition exceptions must be noted on the bill of lading.



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