Oregon, a state known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures, is also home to a vibrant car show scene that captivates automotive enthusiasts and collectors. Whether you have a passion for classic cars, hot rods, or custom builds, these events in Oregon showcase the finest automotive craftsmanship and ignite the excitement of car lovers. In this blog post, we will unveil the top five biggest car shows in Oregon, providing you with essential details and contact information for each event. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through the Beaver State’s automotive wonders!

Portland Auto Show

Location: Portland, Oregon

The Portland Auto Show is one of the most prominent automotive events in Oregon, held annually in Portland. This show showcases a wide range of vehicles, from classic cars to the latest models, including luxury cars, electric vehicles, and more. Attendees can explore the sprawling exhibition halls filled with automotive displays, participate in interactive exhibits and test drives, attend educational seminars, and enjoy live entertainment. The Portland Auto Show offers a comprehensive automotive experience, combining the excitement of new releases with a glimpse into automotive innovations.

The Oregon Classic Car Show

Location: Salem, Oregon

The Oregon Classic Car Show is a highly anticipated automotive event held in Salem, Oregon. This show brings together classic car enthusiasts and collectors to showcase a stunning array of vintage vehicles. Attendees can marvel at the meticulously restored classics, engage in conversations with passionate car owners, enjoy live music and entertainment, and explore vendor booths offering automotive products and memorabilia. The Oregon Classic Car Show offers a nostalgic and immersive experience, celebrating the timeless beauty of classic automobiles.

Pacific Northwest Mustang Club’s All Ford Show

Location: Tigard, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest Mustang Club’s All Ford Show is a must-visit event for Ford enthusiasts held in Tigard, Oregon. This show is dedicated exclusively to Ford vehicles, showcasing a remarkable collection of Mustangs, trucks, and other Ford models. Attendees can admire the pristine Ford vehicles on display, connect with fellow Ford enthusiasts, participate in competitions and raffles, and enjoy food and refreshments. The Pacific Northwest Mustang Club’s All Ford Show offers a vibrant and passionate atmosphere, celebrating the iconic Ford brand.

Portland Swap Meet

Location: Portland, Oregon

The Portland Swap Meet is one of the largest automotive swap meets in the country, held annually in Portland, Oregon. This event attracts car enthusiasts and collectors from far and wide, offering a vast selection of automotive parts, accessories, and memorabilia. Attendees can browse through numerous vendor booths, search for rare and unique items, connect with fellow car enthusiasts, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this automotive treasure trove. The Portland Swap Meet provides a haven for automotive enthusiasts, where they can find the missing pieces to complete their automotive projects.

Rose City Round-Up

Location: Portland, Oregon

The Rose City Round-Up is a premier car and bike show held in Portland, Oregon. This event celebrates custom cars, hot rods, motorcycles, and vintage vehicles, attracting a diverse range of automotive enthusiasts. Attendees can marvel at the stunning displays of customized vehicles, enjoy live music performances, participate in competitions and games, and explore various vendor booths offering automotive merchandise. The Rose City Round-Up creates an energetic and inclusive atmosphere, bringing together the car and bike community for a weekend of automotive festivities.

Variety Beyond Compare: Auto Shows in Oregon

Oregon’s car show scene offers a captivating blend of automotive excellence, community spirit, and natural beauty. The top five car shows in Oregon mentioned above provide thrilling experiences, from the diverse showcase of the Portland Auto Show to the nostalgia-inducing Oregon Classic Car Show. Whether you’re a devoted car collector or simply appreciate automotive artistry, these events in Oregon are sure to ignite your passion for cars and create unforgettable memories. Plan your visit and get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of automobiles in the Beaver State!

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