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The Cost Of Shipping A Car

Need-to-Know Before you Book:

You’re ready to use car shipping to solve your logistics challenges? Great choice! The fact is car shipping is a popular way to get your vehicles from point A to point B without having to do the driving yourself. Savvy auto owners use car shipping to get their kids’ cars off to college, help them with their recent online auto purchase, transport vehicles during a move and much more. Car shipping is perfect for your standard-sized cars as well as SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and even vintage or luxury automobiles.

Take your understanding of car shipping cost factors to the next level by checking out this guide. You’ll not only make sure that you are getting the best price for your auto transport, but you’ll also ensure that you are working with the best auto transport company!

Use this guide to get schooled up on auto transport price factors that can impact your car shipping quote such as:

  • Automobile Type (size and weight)
  • Carrier Type
  • Destination (distance)
  • Fuel cost
  • Seasonality
  • Flexibility and Time to ship
  • Driver and Labor Cost


Auto Transport Cost Factors That Impact Car Shipping Prices

Unless you work in the auto transport industry, you’re most likely not an expert on how the auto transport price factors impact your car shipping price quote. The good news is you have an expert to help you with everything you need to know. Direct Connect Auto Transport, a leader in the auto transport industry since 2001, wants to help you get the best price in addition to the highest quality auto transport service.

If you are unsure of the cost to ship your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, look no further! Direct Connect Auto Transport is here to make you a smarter, more savvy auto transporter.

Understanding The Top Auto Transport Price Factors:

  1. Car Type - The type of vehicle you are shipping is also a key auto transport price factor. Your standard-sized vehicle will be most affordable to ship while larger trucks and SUVs will cost more. Additionally, if you are shipping an inoperable car, a vintage automobile or an expensive sports car, you may require additional services that can drive your car shipping price quote higher.
  2. Carrier Type - Your vehicle size, make and style will dictate which type of auto transport carrier is used. There are three commonly-used auto carriers including open carriers, enclosed carriers and flatbed truck auto carriers. The most popular and most affordable carrier is the open carrier. For standard-sized vehicles that don’t require any special attention, this carrier is typically chosen. The enclosed carrier offers protection from external elements like snow, sleet, sun and rain. It also offers, in many cases, temperature control and an additional level of security. If you are shipping an SUV, oversized truck or large equipment of some kind, your auto transport partner may suggest a flatbed truck. The flatbed truck carrier is also a popular choice for shorter auto transport routes like cross-town moves.
  3. To and From - The unique details of your car shipping route impact the price of shipping your vehicle. For obvious reasons, shipping a car from New York to Los Angeles will cost more than shipping from Brooklyn to Queens, but many more auto transport price factors come in to play regarding your destination. Popular routes, accessibility to main roadways, traffic patterns and even weather patterns can all impact the final price to ship your car.
  4. Time of Year - There is a timing variable that has an effect on auto transport pricing. For example, during early fall and late spring “Snowbirds” are fleeing their northern homes in New York and the upper Midwest headed for Florida and Texas, creating a demand fluctuation. If you are shipping to these areas, you might find that your car shipping price is affected.
  5. Flexible Dates- Just like booking a flight, if you have flexible dates for your auto transport, you’ll find the best prices. Be sure to take advantage of any flexibility in your schedule to get the best deal. (Another reason it pays to plan ahead).


How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Another State?

So, now you’re wondering how much does it actually cost to ship a car to another state, right? The answer, it depends! It depends on those five factors listed above like the type of carrier needed, the type of vehicle being shipped, the timing, your schedule’s flexibility and the to and fro details of your auto transport. Direct Connect Auto Transport offers online quotes to help you get a price quickly. And, if you need a little more assistance than the online quote tool, you can contact our team directly 24/7, 365 days/year.


Who Does America Trust To Ship Their Cars Across Country At A Good Price?

Direct Connect Auto Transport has been the leading choice for quality and affordable auto transport since 2001. Of course, you’ll be looking for the best price when you ship a car, but be sure to choose a trustworthy company has the following traits:

  • A strong network of drivers - Drivers also referred to as carriers are the most important part of a positive car shipping experience. The Direct Connect Auto Transport carrier network is, not only, the largest but also the most thoroughly-vetted team compiled to look after your vehicle during its transit.
  • A good reputation - This is the proof that your auto transporter does good work and stands behind its service. Direct Connect Auto Transport has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as a 5-star average rating with current customers.
  • World-class insurance - You wouldn’t drive your car around town without the appropriate amount of insurance, don’t make the mistake of shipping your car without insurance. Direct Connect Auto Transport’s car shipping services include the right amount of insurance with every transport. And, for your added peace of mind, we offer a damage-free guarantee.
  • Customer service access - Your need to speak with a rep may not always follow nine-to-five business hours. That’s why Direct Connect Auto Transport offers 24/7, year-round customer service access for anything you need.


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