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Auto Transport Service

When Shipping Your Car, Get It In Writing

When you have a shipping company transport your car, you’ll be safest with a written agreement with the auto transport service. Any auto transport contracts you sign will be binding, so you need to understand the nature of what possible terms you might see on any contract.

Quick Picks for your Shipper Agreement

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Deductible Policies
  • Pickup Location
  • Destination Location
  • Date window for pickup & delivery
  • Check for fees
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions

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Ask for proof of the transport company's insurance and written details of the procedure involved if you need to file a claim, and what if any deductibles apply. The paperwork should specify under what conditions the transport company will cover damages.

Check the contract to verify the specific location for the pickup and delivery of your car. Some companies will ship from one terminal to another, whereas other companies offer to ship the vehicle door to door. Terminal to terminal will likely be less expensive than door to door, so it’s important to understand clearly what the terms are.

Verify the dates for pickup and delivery. The auto transport company may not be able to give you an exact delivery time, but they should be able to specify at least a window period. If they guarantee a specific day or specific time, get it in writing. Ask them if they give you a discount or if they provide a rental car if they don't deliver your car on the specified day, and get that in writing, too.

Check the auto transport contracts for any potential hidden fees, such as a cancellation fee. Find out if the company has a cancellation policy, how long you have to cancel without penalty, and what if anything you'll be expected to pay if you cancel. If your car is transported terminal to terminal, and you are unable to pick it up for a few days, the contract should specify what if any fees they will charge you.

On any car shipping contracts, get everything in writing. Don't rely on what you were told verbally. Read your contract carefully, including the fine print, and don’t allow the representative to rush you into simply signing it quickly by telling you that everyone else just signs it. Read it, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before signing that document. Some points in the contract may also be negotiable, such as the cancellation fee. You may be able to negotiate that if the transport company cancels, they will not be able to charge you the listed cancellation fee.

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Auto Transport Service

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