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Nationwide Auto Transport Service

What its Like as a Nationwide Car Carrier Driver

Whether you're a car carrier driver, handling car transportation, or you haul food in a giant big rig truck, the life of a driver is much the same. While it can pay very well to the right tempered individual, it's important to remember the day in the life of a driver can be very lonely and long, and sometimes, not even a day at all, but nights and days strung together. This, of course, is why its awesome that these folks will save you making the drive yourself!

How auto transporters manage their hours

The law dictates the number of hours in a given 24 hour period any one person can be at the steering wheel. In most cases, that number is 10-14, before an equal amount of rest must be had. Sleep is about the only thing most people do during their downtime, with other rest time spent at rest stops and truck stops.

Many worries come to mind when you're the driver of a car shipping truck. You're constantly concerned if the driver in front of you is going to stop short, if they're going to hit a patch of ice or if they are going to make their load drops on time. There are also critical paperwork and shipping contracts to be concerned with, and long hours of the road in front of them. While cell phones have brought truckers closer to their families, it's still a difficult profession for those with families waiting back at home. Many truckers hope to get routes close to home, but especially when a driver is starting out with a company, this can sometimes be difficult. Keeping a healthy lifestyle can also be an issue for many truckers who find it too easy to snack and difficult to find time and places to exercise.

But, as with any job, there are advantages

Being an auto shipping driver can have its bright spots, too. As a long-haul driver, a person gets to see parts of the country they may never have gotten to see, otherwise and get paid for it at the same time. Long haul drivers start out making about $10,000 more a year than local drivers, and see some of the most beautiful parts of the country. For those who enjoy alone time, it's the perfect career, giving them plenty of reflection time and time alone with their thoughts.

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Nationwide Auto Transport Service

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