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How Much is Shipping a Car?

How Much is Shipping a Car?

FAQ about shipping your car with Direct Connect Auto Transport

You should look for a reliable auto transport company to ship your car. Since Direct Connect Auto Transport has years of experience shipping cars of all types from sports cars to antique cars - you can rest assured that your car will be shipped safely and hassle-free to any of the 50 U.S. states or internationally. We have the largest fleet in the industry and will be there for you whenever you need car shipping. If you are moving out West, consider Arizona auto shipping or California car transport.

Direct Connect has been in charge of the movement of thousands of cars, motorbikes and the like over the years. We have the experience necessary and the passion to make your car transport experience a great one. Contact us to find out more about how we can help make your life a little easier.

Why People Ship Their Car

Whether you are moving for a job, or are just visiting a state for a few months, Direct Connect Auto can ship your car there. When people are moving for work, the last thing they want to think about is their car. Starting a new job in a place you are not familiar with is enough stress in itself. By having a company ready to ship your car when you leave, you will already be that much more prepared to begin your new job. Many people may also move temporarily depending on the weather. People may live in the North during the summer, and move to the Southern states during the winter. It can be a great opportunity to enjoy the seasons without dealing with extreme weather conditions. People often ship their cars from Connecticut to Florida during the wintertime to enjoy the warm weather. Another reason people may ship their cars in when they go to college and have to move on campus. There are times when students really need a car, whether it is to go to a job or get away for the weekend. Since transportation at schools is often limited - especially at certain hours of the day - it is important to have a car.

Worried About How Your Car Is Doing?

Find your vehicle at any time with our innovative vehicle tracking service. Do you live in the South? Whether you are using Florida car shipping or Texas auto shipping, we can track your car every mile of its travel. With over 20 years of experience shipping cars, we can safely guarantee that your car will arrive damage-free.

Don’t Want The Hassle of Driving Your Car to a Long-Distance Location?

Our shipping services will allow you to relax knowing your car is being handled with the utmost of care. Need to move your car to the Midwest? Our Illinois auto transport will help your car get there quicker so you can enjoy the move.

What Our Transportation Services Include:

At Direct Connect Auto Transport, we give you the best shipping service that is convenient for your schedule. For a free online quote with competitive rates, you can ship your car anywhere knowing that you are getting the best service and price on the market! So forget the stress of driving your car, and let us do the car shipping for you.