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Top Rated Classic Car Transport Carrier

Are You Looking For a Classing Car Hauler You Can Trust?

Direct Connect Auto Transport specializes in classic car shipping. We can assist you with any needs or concerns you have involving car transport. We are qualified to ship classic cars and can guarantee that they will arrive to you on time, undamaged, and in pristine condition, just as you left it.

As a classic car carrier company, we take pride in the fact that we are able to make the process of moving a classic car a top priority, which we are confident will leave you extremely satisfied with our services. We know how important your classic car is to you, that is why, as classic car shippers, we can provide the best service in assisting you with any and all of your transportation needs.

How Much More Does Classic Car Transport Cost?

For shipping a classic car, it is the same price as regular shipping unless you would like to have enclosed shipping. Since purchasing a classic car is such an investment, many people opt for the enclosed auto transport carrier over the open carrier. If you are looking to save money and want open transport, we will still do our best to ensure your car is not damaged. Many people will still want the enclosed transport because it has protection for the car on all sides. Unless your car is in restoration you should always choose the enclosed carriers.

Why does classic car transport cost more?

An Antique car transport, like exotic car transport, costs more than regular car shipping because a classic car needs a delicate shipping service with an enclosed carrier. This mean that is means much more care to avoid possible damage from storms, debris, sunlight and more. An enclosed carrier is more money, but it has protection on all sides of the car as compared to an open carrier. So, this will cost more but your car will also be much more protected from different elements.

How to Choose a Classic Car Hauler - What You Need to Know or Ask Your Carrier

Be sure to choose a classic car hauler that has the correct equipment to handle shipping your prized possession. If you do not thoroughly research a company, and chose one who has years of experience shipping a classic car - then you could be risking damage to your vehicle. A classic car should be shipped with a shipping trailer that has protection on all sides of the car. However, if you have a fixer upper and are looking to save money - then you can go with the open carrier. It is still a great deal, and we do our best during delivery to make sure there is no damage done to your car.

Finding a classic car transporting company that is reliable and honest can be a stressful job. With over twenty years of experience, we are well qualified in taking on the job of transporting any classic car. Allow us the opportunity to answer any specific questions you have and to get a quote from one of our specialists. If unpredictable weather is a concern with your transport, we provide enclosed carriers for any of your classic car and luxury car needs.

If you are need to ship your classic car, Direct Connect Auto can help you. We understand the importance and the value of your classic car.

Classic Car Transportation Tips

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Classic Car?

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Classic Car Transport Examples

Make Model Year From To Price
Buick LeSabre1975 VA OH$675
Ford Mustang1970 CA AR$855
Ford Mustang1965 ID ND$ 1225
Volkswagen Beetle1963 OK FL$ 951
Ford LTD Crown Victoria1978 OH WI$415


Why Direct Connect Auto Transport?

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  • Sponsor of Fossil Cars since 2013!
  • Vehicle Tracking-lets your know where your vehicle is at all times
  • Direct Connect Guarantee-ensures that your vehicle will arrive in the condition we picked it up in.
  • BBB A+ Rating-our record speaks for itself
  • Over 20 years of experience in shipping classic cars

Direct Connect Auto is proud of its reputation in the classic car shipping industry. We strive to be the best in the classic car shipping industry by providing exceptional customer service. Our experienced staff understands the unique manner in which each classic car must be handled. With state-of-art technology you can track your classic car in real-time knowing exactly where it is at all times. You will never have to guess when your collector car will arrive. With our Direct Connect Guarantee, you will have peace of mind knowing that we care for your classic vehicle just as much as you do.

Choosing Direct Connect Auto Transport will ensure that your vehicle is safe under our licensed, insured and bonded professionals. When you ship your classic car, you can be rest assured that you classic car will be handled with the absolute best care. When your car arrives, it will arrive in the condition that it was delivered. With over 20 years of professional auto transport service, you can trust Direct Connect to handle your delicate investment.

Direct Connect Auto Transportcan handle your classic car shipping needs with reliable and affordable choices that suit your lifestyle and budget. Simply tell us where and when you want to ship your collector car or just complete the quick quote form and you will see your low-cost classic car shipping estimate displayed instantly! If you want an immediate quote or want to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly staff, please call us at 877-668-3227 or (877-MOVE-CAR).


Direct Connect Auto Transport is rated 5 of 5 stars on by over 130 satisfied customers.


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