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Shipping a Vehicle

Shipping a Vehicle

Shipping a vehicle with an open car carrier is the most cost-effective way to move automobiles around the country. But their advantages go further than this, however. For one thing, open car carriers are also a very safe way to move a car. It is true that unlike enclosed car carriers your vehicle will be exposed to the elements. That means there’s always the chance it comes into contact with rain, snow, hail, and dirt. But it is important to note that if your vehicle does sustain any damage during shipping we will cover the repairs at no cost to you. This level of protection is more than enough for most vehicles but there are some cases where an enclosed carrier would be preferable. If you are going to move a classic car or any vehicle with an expensive paint job then you would more than likely want to opt for an enclosed carrier. There’s just an extra layer of protection between your car and the elements.

Shipping Vs. Driving: An Easy Choice

No matter which mode of car transportation you choose, you’re more than likely saving yourself time and money. Not to mention the amount of wear and tear you’re shielding your car from. It is easy to underestimate the financial toll that a long car trip can have on your budget. Here are just a few expenses which are easy to overlook: hotels, gas, tolls and food (which can add up more than you may think).

This short list doesn’t even tell the whole story because there’s always a chance that something goes wrong. Something like a speeding ticket or a flat tire.These are things you can’t really plan for but they should be considered whenever you’re thinking of moving a vehicle yourself. More often than not it is cheaper, safer and much, much easier to just have your car transported by a professional.

Here at Direct Connect Auto, we pride ourselves on our communication focused approach where we do everything we can to keep you informed on the progress of your shipment. Your car is a valuable asset, and to keep it safe, you should only trust it to a company with a pedigree like Direct Connect Auto Transport.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition you sent it in or your money back.


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