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DCAT Logistics 7/18 – 7/23 July 18, 2017

North - Weather from New York to Massachusetts will be sunny and reach the high 80's and low 90's until Saturday, and will begin raining towards the end on the weekend. Along with rain, you can expect thunderstorms and possible flooding.

South - Tropical Storm Don will dissipate in the Caribbean and will not reach the United States. Scattered thunderstorms are expected in Florida throughout this week in the Miami area. Texas will also have scattered thunderstorms and rainstorms throughout this week.

Midwest - Flood waters hit Ohio this week, forcing cars to be pushed into the flood. Residents are left stranded, calling for emergency rescues near Columbus, Ohio. Along with rain, strong thunderstorms have made conditions in the area very dangerous.

West  - A fatal flash flood in Arizona killed 9 people at the Tonto National Forest in Tonto, Arizona. Swift waters with mud flow and debris struck people who were swimming at a popular swimming hole in Arizona. A recent storm in Arizona is causing dust to be kicked up into the air, causing poor visibility for transportation conditions. For other states in the West, rain is forecast this week from California to Kansas.




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