If you need to ship a car across the country to New York, Florida, California, or anywhere else, you don’t have to make the driver yourself. Professional auto transport companies supply the services to safely transport your vehicle, even if the move is thousands of miles.

Most people actually benefit the most from auto transport when they ship a car across the country. Moving is stressful, but it’s even more stressful if it’s a long-distance move such as Chicago to Florida or New York to California. Auto transport can reduce that stress by allowing you to partner with professionals who can transport your car so you can focus on moving the household.

What Is Cross-Country Shipping?

Using an auto transport to ship a car across the country involves hiring a service to move your vehicle so you don’t have to do it yourself. This type of service is available for any move. But a long-distance move is one where the benefits of auto transport really become clear.

A classic example is the use of auto transport by so-called snowbirds who come to Florida every year during the winter months to enjoy the beautiful weather and escape snow and ice. It’s a long drive from New York to Florida, and many prefer using an auto transport service.

The same thing applies to those moving a long distance. Cross-country shipping saves you the trouble of making a drive that can last many days. 

Steps To Ship a Car Across the Country

Hiring professionals to ship a car across the country involves the following steps. 

Find a Reputable Company

This is the most important step. Only consider auto transport companies with years of experience and the best equipment available to safely ship your vehicle. Find a company with the services you require, including door-to-door delivery and the types of carrier you want for your car. Also, give more attention to companies that provide good customer service, including explaining your insurance options.

Choose a Carrier

The two general choices for carriers are open or enclosed containers. An open carrier is one that carries a group of cars. The vehicles are safely secured, but are also open to the elements. An enclosed carrier typically carries just one or two vehicles enclosed in a trailer and is perfect for classic cars or high-end luxury or sports cars (as well as new cars).

Schedule Dates

Make sure the auto transport service is available to ship your vehicles around your moving schedule. Some seasons are more difficult to book than others, such as the beginning of the summer when many families choose to move. Weekdays are typically better than weekends. Only consider services that can transport your car from your current home to your new one in a timeframe that works for you.

Find Out Price 

In some cases, it’s a good idea to get multiple quotes from auto transport companies. However, prices depend primarily on the size of your vehicle, the distance of your move, when you want it done and the type of carrier you choose. There may also be additional charges for exotic cars.

Get Car Ready For Transport

The auto transport service will come on the agreed upon date, load your car on the truck and immediately hit the road. Make sure to check the following before pickup.

  • Drivable. The car must be drivable for the auto transport company to take it. Check all the basics, including tires, battery, oil levels and other fluids.
  • Emergency brake. This also must work.
  • Remove attachments. This includes bike racks, luggage carriers, or anything else you have attached to the vehicle. You can put stuff in your car, but that can impact cost by increasing the weight of your vehicle.
  • Disable car alarm. It can annoy your driver if it goes off.
  • Deactivate toll pass. That will keep you from getting charged for tolls on a vehicle that you are not driving.

Hiring an auto transport company is a great way to ship a car across the country, saving yourself from having to make a long drive and putting thousands of miles of wear and tear on your vehicle.