More parents than ever turn to car shipping for college students rather than let their child drive long distances on their own. A road trip from New York to Florida can seem exciting for parents. But when they think about their kids making it, all they can see are the dangers!
But concerns about potential road hazards or thieves are not the only issue. There are also practical reasons to choose auto transport for your college student’s car, including saving wear and tear on the car and saving the costs of fuel, food, and lodging on a long road trip.
For parents who have decided to use car shipping for college students, certain tips can make the process much easier. Whether your college student is attending college in Florida, Texas, or California, these tips apply.

Tips to Make Auto Transport Go Smoothly

Direct Connect Auto Transport specializes in all kinds of car transport jobs, from local to long-distance moves. One of those areas of specialty is transporting cars for college students. Over the years, the professionals at Direct Connect Auto Transport have experienced every type of issue. These tips provide the foundational knowledge that can make car shipping for college
students that much easier.

Do Thorough Research

Use the internet and talk to people in your circle of friends and family who have used auto transport services. They can help guide you to companies with good reputations and years of experience. Make sure the company offers the services you need.

Book in Advance

Aim for booking your auto transport service at least two weeks – and preferably a month – ahead of time. Keep in mind that the factors that influence the amount of a transport service’s quote include when you book the trip (higher rates during busy times and weekends), the distance of the trip, and the specs of the vehicle.

Stress The Positives for Students

One of the biggest obstacles to car shipping for college students may come from the students themselves. By the time they reach college age, young adults yearn for – and will often ask for – more freedom and independence. Rather than going right to reminding them who is paying for this trip, take the time to inform them of the many reasons to use college car shipping.

  • Less wear and tear on the car
  • Eliminating the risk of crashes and collisions on long road trips
  • Saving the time needed to make the long drive
  • Avoiding thieves who may target students with all their belongings stuffed into a car
  • Reducing the stress of making the big move to college

Choose the Right Carrier

Before making the decision to book a car shipping service, choose the type of carrier that works best in your situation. Many choose the enclosed trailer, which protects vehicles from the hazards of the road. An open carrier is typically less expensive but offers less protection from road hazards.

Watch Out For Scams

The auto transport business, both for your household belongings and your vehicles, is, unfortunately, a magnet for unscrupulous businesses that want to separate you from your money without providing adequate service. Watch out for red flags such as poorly constructed websites, a majority of only ratings that are bad, an inability to produce documents showing they are licensed, and price quotes far below what others offer.
Keeping these simple but effective tips in mind can make car shipping for college students much easier for parents and students. It’s a difficult and stressful time when a child leaves home for college. Auto transport can take one big worry off your plate.