It’s completely safe to ship your car from anywhere you live to any other location in the United States. Some auto transport companies even offer you the ability to ship your vehicle to another country. In all cases, the key to success is ensuring you work with a reliable, trustworthy auto transport company.

Because accidents do sometimes happen – just as they might if you drove the car yourself – it’s important to know the policies for what happens in case of damage to your vehicle. But the vast majority of auto transport done by professional, experienced companies happens without any damage to the vehicle.

The following looks at some of the issues people need to consider related to safe auto transport.

Choosing the Right Company

The auto transport business, much like the moving business, can attract some bad actors. It’s important to research and find companies with years of experience in auto transport and a proven ability to do the job well. Read some online reviews and see if the majority have positive things to say (every company gets some negative reviews, so don’t let it sway you completely).

Type of Transport Used

Experienced auto transport companies use the latest available equipment to safely place a car in a carrier for transport. Auto transport customers can typically choose between enclosed or open carriers. Open carriers are the type of trucks you see hauling multiple cars, often for automobile dealerships. Enclosed carriers offer nylon straps, wheel nets, higher lift gate clearance and protection against weather during the journey.

Get Several Quotes

If the price from an auto transport company is way out of line with what others have quoted you – either too high or too low – that might not be the best company to choose. To ensure you get the safest auto transport possible, it’s important to work with companies that offer professional services at a fair price. Getting quotes from several different companies can help you more easily see the red flags and also help you budget for what you need.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Transport

Customers also play a role in auto transport safety. They should ensure that they have taken all the steps needed to prepare a car for shipping. This includes:

  • Ensuring the car functions properly
  • Providing contact information and all the keys needed for every lock on the car
  • Removing any non-built in items such as radio, cassette decks or CD players, as well as grill covers and spare tire covers. Remove car phones, garage door opens and toll road passes, as disconnect alarm systems
  • Taking out personal items, including paperwork, sunglasses, water bottles, etc.

Know About Insurance and Damage Policies

All auto transport companies will carry some level of insurance against damages, but customers can also buy additional coverage that will compensate them more in case of damage. Companies also will have different policies. It’s important to understand them before signing a contract to have your vehicle transported.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from clients at Direct Connect Auto Transport. The company encourages people to report any claims of damage immediately, as the company has only seven days to file a claim after delivering a vehicle. Customers also must clearly indicate any damage that occurred during transport on the “Bill of Lading” or delivery receipt given them by the driver at the time of delivery.

By keeping these issues in mind, customers can ensure they have a safe experience when hiring an auto transport company. The main rule is to only hire a company with experience in moving cars to and from locations around the county, and making sure they are professional, experienced auto transport service providers.