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Signs of a Bad Auto Transport Company April 15, 2022

If you’re preparing to contact auto transport companies, you likely have a list of services you require before you’ll hire them. But even if a transport company seems to meet those requirements, you will want to stay alert for signs of a bad auto transport company.

Because auto transport is becoming more popular, it’s starting to attract less-than-honest businesses that lure you in with false promises and then don’t do the job as advertised. This can lead to damaged vehicles, missed schedules, and (at the worst) cars that never arrive.

If you’re making a long-distance move such as Los Angeles to Dallas or Chicago to Florida, you want to ensure that whoever you hire can do the job right. The following warning signs of a bad auto transport company should alert you that the company in question is almost certain to do it wrong.

6 Bad Auto Transport Company Signs

Keep this list handy as you get ready to contact auto transport companies to manage the move of your car, truck, motorcycle, or other type of vehicle. 

The Price is Very Low or High

A legitimate auto transport company will offer a competitive price, but it will reflect the realistic expenses of shipping a car. Scammers will offer a price that’s too good to be true, then charge you more after they get your car in their truck. A price that is too high also is a red flag that you’re about to get ripped off. Generally, you want prices that stay in an acceptable range based on research of prices for your specific transport route.

The Name Game

Some unscrupulous transport companies will use a name that is very close to a respected auto transport company. This fools people into thinking they are reading online reviews and looking at other positive information for the scam company, when in fact it’s for the legitimate transporter.

Bad Reviews

Most people know at this point that every company has some bad online reviews. That’s the nature of the internet, and some of these reviews are not legitimate. However, the trend in online reviews should be generally favorable. If all the reviews are negative and complain about the same issues, take note.

Poor Customer Service

An auto transport company should treat you well from the first contact, including offering clear information on how the process works. You should be able to use a free online tool to quickly get a quote for your job. 

Car Buying Scams

If you list a car for sale, some scam companies will offer to buy the car and direct you to an auto transport company that either doesn’t exist or that they control. They’ll ask for you to send them money for car transport, and then suddenly disappear, taking your money with them.

Non-Refundable Deposits

Some companies will roll right past this little detail. A legitimate company will ask for a deposit upfront or may accept cash or money orders upon delivery. However, if asked to pay a fee upfront, look for a policy like the one from Direct Connect Auto Transport, which allows a refund of your deposit if you cancel shipment before the truck is dispatched to your location.

These are a half dozen issues to keep an eye out for when shopping for an auto transport company. By immediately weeding out the bad companies, you can focus on which legitimate company offer you the best price and services for your specific car transport job.


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