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What Makes Direct Connect Auto Transport One of the Best? September 07, 2021

When you’re looking for the best auto transport companies, you want reliability, good customer service, years of experience and someone who has all the latest equipment to handle your move. Direct Connect Auto Transport strives to meet high standards in all those areas.

Started in 2001 by John Costelac in South Florida, Direct Connect Auto Transport has grown into a company that handles nationwide moves, like Texas to California, as well as international shipping. Along the way, the company has developed special software to track shipments and developed a strong reputation for customer service.

As Costelac himself writes, he started Direct Connect because he “felt like auto transport needed a company that would focus on their customers and all the details that can make or break a shipment.” Here are some of the ways the company accomplishes that goal for customers every day, making it one of the best auto transport companies you can hire.

A Focus on the Customers

Every business wants to make a profit. But every business doesn’t understand the right way to go about that is to take care of customers. Direct Connect makes customer service a priority. You can see for yourself in online reviews, where you will find many stories about Direct Connect personnel coming through when people need it (like when another company left them high and dry, for example). Direct Connect operates on the idea that a successful business starts with the best customer service you can provide.

The Best Equipment

Years of experience has taught Direct Connect managers the type of transportation needed for every type of job. Direct Connect offers three transport types.

Open Carrier. This is the double-decker car hauler most people have seen on the road. It’s perfect to transfer standard vehicles, including your family sedan, SUV, hatchback, and pickup truck.

Enclosed Carrier. This premium-level service is more expensive, but it completely protects vehicles from weather damage or scratches by placing them in an enclosed transport trailer. Customers moving classic cars and other high-value vehicles typically choose an enclosed carrier.

Flatbed Truck. This option works for oversized or non-standard vehicles that won’t fit into an open or enclosed carrier. 

Years of Experience

Direct Connect has handled auto transport for decades. They have seen it all. They’ve handled transport jobs to every corner of the nation, including Texas, moving about 12,000 vehicles a year. The company is licensed to handle local, intrastate and interstate auto transport jobs. Direct connect also is fully licensed to handle international shipments. They also have experience moving every type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, RVs and classic and vintage vehicles. Direct Connect does corporate relocations, auto dealership moves and personal moves.

 In short, they are not newcomers to auto transport. They have exactly the kind of experience you want when trusting your vehicle to get safely moved. 

Convenient Way to Get a Quote

Those years of experience have also taught Direct Connect personnel that customers don’t want to wait around for days to find out how much it will cost to get their vehicle shipped. Auto transport is typically part of a larger move, and it’s something people want to figure out quickly. No one wants the hassle of a long wait. So, Direct Connect makes it easy.

On this website, you can simply plug in the information into the "shipping to" and "shipping from" fields on the home page, as well as the make, model and condition of the vehicle, and receive a quote quickly. From there, it’s simple to book a move online. In just a few minutes, you can have Direct Connect set up to handle your vehicle shipment.

Making Moving Day Easy

The same approach to getting a quote also applies to the day of service. Direct Connect works with professional drivers who will pick up your vehicle at your home (the only exceptions are if the area does not have the space required to load the vehicle). Direct Connect then delivers your vehicle to the new location, even California. Customers can track their shipment and contact Direct Connect at any time to find out their delivery status.

These are just some of the ways that Direct Connect Auto Transport ranks among the best auto transport companies. Moving forward, the company plans to continue fine-tuning its services and evolving with innovative technology to provide customers the high level of auto transport service they deserve.


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