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6 Reasons Why The Cheapest Auto Transporter Is Not Always The Best November 28, 2018

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Money doesn't grow on trees, but you do get what you pay for in life! These are the cliches you've probably heard your whole life. They remain true to almost all any aspect of consumer life and, if you're searching for the cheapest auto transporter, it's no exception. Of course, we're all on a budget and seeking the cheapest auto transporter we can find - but not all auto transporters are created equal. Don't make the mistake of using price as your only selection criteria. Not to worry, Direct Connect Auto Transport has the guide you need to help you make the best decision for your car and your pocketbook.

6 Reasons Not To Choose The Cheapest Auto Transporter 

  1. The auto shipping quote you receive may not be accurate. Some less-than-scrupulous car shippers offer automobile owners an amazing price to ship their cars, trucks, SUVs or motorcycles from point A to point B, but hidden in the fine print are additional costs. Often, these shady auto transporters with the "cheapest" car shipping quote have a final payment due upon the car's arrival - leaving the inexperienced car owner with a big, unexpected bill at the end that they have no choice but to pay!
  2. Your low price probably doesn't include insurance. You would never drive your automobile around town without some kind of car insurance, would you? (Of course, you wouldn't!) It's equally as important to have insurance coverage while your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle is being shipped. A quality auto transporter will include comprehensive insurance in the car shipping price. The cheapest auto transporter on the internet, likely, has not included adequate insurance in the price.
  3. Customer service is worth paying for. Customer service only matters when an unforeseen problem arises, and then you're so glad you have it. Companies that have no overheads, no employees and lack a real corporate headquarters can offer the cheapest price for car shipping, but when you need them, they're nowhere to be found. Problems related to logistics changes, weather, accidents or simply plans that change may occur. Wouldn't it be great to have access to a customer service expert whenever you need it?
  4. Established auto transporters have more experience. Experience matters when shipping cars across busy highways and byways as well as rural areas, international car shipping routes, etc. The experience that established car shippers offer may cost a bit more than the more "green" auto transporter but may save you time, protect your vehicle and avoid headaches that come with lack of knowledge.
  5. Real-time logistics are not for the faint of heart. Logistics are complex and the technology and know-how that helps companies master the logistics game is more likely found in these well-established, experienced auto transporters, not necessarily the cheapest auto transporter available.
  6. Quality service is rarely the cheapest. Automobiles are usually big-ticket items on our asset list, and, in some cases, they even have sentimental value. If we think of brands that offer top service, they are typically not the cheapest! But, when it comes to looking after our valued automobiles while we are shipping them, quality is worth paying for.

While the case is strong for NOT choosing the cheapest auto transporter that sends you a quote for your car shipping needs, the best reason of all is that you have a great option in Direct Connect Auto Transport.  Direct Connect Auto Transport has raised the bar for auto transport industry since 2001. Affordable car shipping prices are coupled with the highest quality service to make the decision to choose Direct Connect Auto Transport a no-brainer! Here's why Direct Connect Auto Transport is the leader in the auto transport industry:

Decades of experience shipping cars across town or across the globe - Since 2001, Direct Connect has been the leader in the car shipping industry worldwide.

The largest network of thoroughly-vetted drivers - Our carrier network is put through a deeper vetting process than other auto transport companies to ensure our customers' vehicles are always in good hands.

A strong reputation you can count on - We pride ourselves on our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, our 5-star average rating with current customers as well as our accreditation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA).

24/7, 365-day/year customer service team - When you need to reach a live human being (yes, even after hours and on a holiday), you can with Direct Connet Auto Transport. When you need us, we'll be here for you.

Real-time logistics to track your vehicle every step of the way - Our auto shipping logistics expertise is second-to-none, and we allow you to track your precious vehicle throughout its car shipment.

World-class insurance standard with every car shipment - We don't cut corners when it comes to protecting our customers' assets. Our car shipping insurance keeps you covered should an accident occur.

Damage-free guarantee for added peace of mind - We don't often make mistakes, but when we do, we own up. Our damage-free guarantee covers you in the unlikely event that we cause any kind of damage to your automobile during shipping.

Straight-forward, instant online quotes with no hidden costs - Direct Connect Auto Transport does not pull any punches when it comes to communicating car shipping prices to its customers. We pride ourselves on being affordable, but we also know it's important to provide an easy-to-understand auto transport quote - that includes all the costs upfront!

Car shipping is the solution to your logistical conundrum. Whether you are buying a vehicle online and need to get it to your residence, relocating for a new career, sending one of your kids off to college or in need of transporting a vehicle for any reason, you'll be searching for the cheapest auto transporter. But, be sure to look for the best value car shipper, not just the cheapest.

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