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How to Enjoy Your Very Own Great American Road Trip November 26, 2018

The United States of America is one of the greatest nations in the world to commit to a cross-country road trip. Do this by yourself, with your partner, with friends, with a huge family – whoever and whenever you go there is so much to do, see, and enjoy. The best part is that there are so many options and world-class destinations that it doesn’t matter what you are interested in or how long you can get away for, you can be certain to have an incredible experience.

That isn’t to say, of course, that road trips are inherently easy. You want to have a comfortable and safe set of wheels to drive, know how to pack, what to do, and how to stay out of trouble when crossing state lines. There is so much to prepare when you want to go on a road trip of epic proportions, and to get started on that planning process today you will need to follow this guide:

Get a Car that Can Do the Job

The vehicle that you need by your side when committing to a cross-country road trip needs to be dependable, safe, and not likely to break down on you. If your current vehicle isn’t up to snuff, then it could mean trading it in and finding another option that will suit your needs. All you need to do is:

1. Find a Great Loan Provider

There are so many options when it comes to a personal loan. You could use AutoPay, for example, and take advantage of your good credit to get a competitive loan that will cover the cost of your new vehicle. All you need to do is visit to get started.

2. New Vs. Old

Being pre-approved for a loan can go a long way to help you negotiate, though that isn’t always the case. Either way, you will need to choose whether a new or used vehicle is right for you. The best compromise between the two are relatively new, but second-hand vehicles – and people are starting to catch on to this. Before you worry, however, there are more than enough used vehicles out there for you to find a great one that has little mileage and even potentially a still-active warranty.

3. Know Your Needs

You need your vehicle to do what you need it to. A flashy car is absolutely pointless if it cannot, say, pull the trailer that you need it to. Always narrow down your search based on need, know what to look for to determine quality, and then select the final choice by its extra features and aesthetic.

How to Pack Light

Once you have your dream vehicle it is time to pack it up:

1. Choose Clothes That Go Together

This will reduce the amount you will personally need to bring. Remember you can always wash your clothes at a Laundromat!

2. Pack for Warm and Cold Weather

The United States of America has a variety of different climates and ecosystems. Back for both extremes to stay comfortable no matter where you are.

3. Know Your Spending Habits

If you are likely to buy items on your trip as a souvenir, make room for them. This will reduce stress later on.

4. Be Smart in Your Packing Strategy

Throwing all your things into one bag is not a great use of space. Instead, be smart in how you pack so you can easily access everything and it remains neat and orderly.

What to Stock Your Vehicle With

You will want to stock your vehicle with a few provisions, like snacks and drinks, creature comforts like pillows, and of course emergency provisions. Emergency provisions are an absolute must. You will likely be traveling through long stretches of empty road, and if something terrible happens having a lighter, flare, radio, paper map, and even an extra gallon of gas will go a long way to keeping you safe.

Your road trip can be magical, but only if you know what to expect and are prepared enough to face all the challenges and difficulties of living on the open road for a few days, weeks, or even months. Make the most of it by following this guide, and remember to document the experience for yourself. Take photos and videos, keep a journal and try to stay offline for the duration. It will help you change in ways you never expected you could, and that is the true value of any great American road trip.


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