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Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Auto Transport For Your Business September 07, 2021

You want to use an auto transport for your business, but it’s an area you have no experience in. Picking the right company can seem like a daunting task. But there’s no reason for concern if you know the right questions to ask.

The following looks at some of the basic questions to ask when you are looking for an auto transport company, as well as some ideas on what you want to hear in response. If the company doesn’t meet the standards in any of these areas, move on until you find one that does. With something as valuable as vehicle transport, you want to ensure you get a company you can rely on to do the job right.

Questions to Ask An Auto Transport Company

Every transport job comes with its own details. But generally speaking, the following will cover some of the major issues in almost every case. Keep this list handy as you start your search for the right auto transport for your business.

Is the Company Registered, Licensed and Insured?

Every legitimate auto transport company must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to operate commercial vehicles. They will have received a Department of Transportation number as proof of registration. Most states, including Florida, also require auto transport companies to have licenses. Also, ask for proof that the company is insured so you are not held liable if any damage occurs during shipment.

Does the Company Have Mostly Positive Reviews?

When it comes to hiring the right company, research is key. If you focus on the right areas, you can find out what you need fairly quickly.

Ask people you know. If you have business contacts who have worked with an auto transport company, ask for their opinion. Find out what the process of hiring and working with auto transport was like for them. This remains one of the best ways to get the information you need to make a solid decision.

Look at online reviews. Every company gets dinged from time to time from an online reviewer, but you want to see favorable reviews for the most part. Also, search for any repeated problems from multiple customers that could be a sign of trouble. 

Look at the company website. The company’s website should have clear information about the types of services the company provides and where they provide them. Also, make sure the company offers the type of service you need. Some carriers, for example, may only operate in certain states and cannot do national moves like getting your vehicle from New York to Florida

Does the Company Have Experience?

When it comes to transporting your business vehicles, you want to put the job into the hands of someone with plenty of experience. Signs of experience include the types of equipment they have (new companies often start small) and having plenty of reviews online. Never hire a company where you cannot find they have a long history of timely deliveries and satisfied customers.

Is the Lowest Price the Best Price?

As with everything else, you get what you pay for in auto transport. The low price might seem like the right choice, but many times it’s a company trying to low-ball its way into winning your business. Some of the common issues with such companies are deliveries that take much longer and having fewer and less experienced drivers. Make sure all the other areas check out before proceeding to price. 

Keep in mind that the following factors influence price:

  • The distance of the move
  • The number of vehicles involved
  • The type of transport you need (open carrier, enclosed carrier or flatbed)
  • How quickly you need the job done (expedited transport may cost more)

Do They Offer An Obligation-Free Quote?

The best auto transport companies give you the chance to get an obligation-free quote for their services on their website. Check out the prices to find out which ones are in your price range and offer the services you need and shipping to New York or any other state you may be considering.

Contacting the Auto Transport Companies

Once you’ve narrowed the list to a few candidates, give them a call to find out more. It gives you the opportunity to ask many of the above questions. It also gives you a chance to see the level of customer service offered to a business client. Find out the possibilities for long-term arrangements, methods of payment, and get all the details on insurance, equipment used and the number of vehicles the company can handle at any given time.

Things to Avoid

As you start the initial research phase, there are certain things you want to stay alert for, including the following.

  • Companies that have recently (or frequently) changed names (some do this to avoid customers finding negative reviews or problems with the Better Business Bureau)
  • Hidden fees (often associated with companies that offer low cost estimates)
  • Requests for large deposits
  • “Lead farms” that aren’t actually auto transport companies but work to generate leads for potential customers
  • Companies that don’t offer a range of transport options (a sign of a new, inexperienced company)
  • Companies you can’t find a lot of information about on the internet

These tips for choosing the right auto transport for your business can get you started in the right direction. If you stick to them, you will end up with a reputable carrier who can handle your job. The return on investment for doing the research is high, and it will take a lot of stress off your business to partner with a professional auto transport company.


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