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If you are in the process of relocating to New York, it can be quite an adventure. New York is an expansive state – from the frigid Buffalo area to the metropolitan capital of the world, New York City, this state covers a lot of ground. If you are relocating, most likely you need to relocate your vehicle(s) as well, and Direct Connect Auto Transport is here to help you make that happen.

What Are the Largest Cities in New York?

New York City is, of course, the most populous area in the state of New York, with roughly 8,405,000 residents. If the city was separated and considered a state, it would fall in the top 15 most populous states. Landmarks in New York City of course include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, and the newly-built Freedom Tower. Interstate 87 does run through New York City, but that is not usually the best route to take if you are passing through. Direct Connect Auto Transport always takes the fastest, most cost-effective route to get your vehicle precisely where it needs to go. Better choices include the Cross Country Parkway, the Taconic State Parkway, and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, depending on your destination. These are all part of the New York Thruway system.

Buffalo is home to the Buffalo Bills, and is situated on the Canadian border. A far cry from NYC, this chilly city has a population of roughly 250.000. Its proximity to the American side of Niagara Falls is part of what makes Buffalo famous. Other landmarks include Canalside and the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site. Interstate 90 passes directly through Buffalo, and Interstate 87 comes close. Both routes are good choices for long-distance trips to or from Buffalo.

Rich with history, Rochester is the third-largest city in the New York state, and is situated near the Finger Lakes. Women's suffrage rights evolved here, and many of the attractions in the city are devoted to cultural museums and sites. The George Eastman Museum is also a popular attraction, as Eastman was the founder of Kodak. Rochester and Buffalo are fairly close in proximity, as Rochester is also near the Canadian border and Lake Ontario. Offshoots of I-90 pass through parts of Rochester, and good routes to take include I-590 and I-490, depending on the destination.

Situated well on the other side of the state is Albany, the state capitol. On the banks of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers, there is plenty to see and do in Albany such as parks and museums. Only 100 miles from New York City, Albany is easily reached by I-90 or I-787, or by other thruways in the New York Thruway System.

No matter the destination, Direct Connect Auto Transport lets you track your vehicle at all times, keeping on top of your cargo and shipment. With over 20 years experience in car transport, our A+ BBB record speaks for itself. Let us help you make your relocation seamless, and allow us to take care of some of the complexities of moving.

Call us for estimates on New York auto transport. Here are some popular routes:

From To Mileage Estimated Transit Time
New York, NY Miami, FL 1,285 miles 5 to 7 days
Buffalo, NY Dallas, TX 1,366 miles 7 to 10 days
New York, NY Atlanta, GA 873 miles 5 to 7 days
Rochester, NY Austin, TX 1,630 miles 7 to 10 days
New York, NY Denver, CO 1,779 miles 7 to 10 days
Albany, NY Houston, TX 1,751 miles 7 to 10 days

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Auto Transport FAQ

How much gasoline should be in my vehicle prior to shipment?

There can be no more than ¼ of a tank of gasonline in any type of vehicle prior to shipment. There is no room for exception on this rule, as this is a mandated Coast Guard regulation.

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