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Why the Cheapest Car Shipping Company Is Not Always The Best February 29, 2020


As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is true in nearly all instances, but when budgets start to get tight, we are often compelled to look for the best deal. When you need to ship a car because you're moving, starting a new career, purchasing a new vehicle from out of state or any other reasons, it's more than likely you want to keep costs low. All this being said, choosing the cheapest car shipping company may not be your wisest decision...if your choice is based on price alone.

A simple Google search will reveal many businesses claiming to be the cheapest car shipping company, with prices coming in much lower than average. As a consumer on a tight budget, it will be tempting to jump on one of these great deals but proceed with caution as you learn more about the possible drawbacks.

The Case Against Choosing The Cheapest Auto Shipper

Check out this list of what can most commonly go wrong when the cost is the deciding factor. The cheapest vehicle transport company may seem like the obvious choice for the price-conscious shopper, but many a problem has been encountered due to choosing price over quality and reputation. Let's unpack some of the possible issues:

Hidden fees - Some savvy but not-so-scrupulous companies position themselves as the cheapest car shipping company at the time of the price quote. When the car arrives at its final destination, consumers often find that there was a hidden cost in the contract that they didn't catch. The release of the vehicle is contingent upon final payment, leaving the unsuspecting vehicle owner with few choices but to pay.

Poor or unreliable drivers - Quality comes with a price. One way some companies overcome charging the going rate to ship a vehicle is to find ways to cut corners. Bypassing the vetting process for drivers or hiring drivers that are inexperienced can help them get the service to the consumer at a cheaper rate, but your vehicle may not be in the best hands as it is moved from point A to point B.

Lack of or nonexistent support - Weather, traffic jams or even a simple change of plans can require communication with your car shipper. The cheapest car shipping company might be a bare-bones operation that has little (if any) customer service, and especially little to offer after hours.

No guarantee - The lesser-priced option is less likely to stand behind its work and offer a solution when something goes wrong. While chances are things will go smoothly, it's a gamble to deal with a company that does not offer insurance and/or any kind of guarantee of quality.

If you don't believe us, check out these auto transport horror stories.

Of course, we get it. Money is tight and the temptation is strong to save the extra bucks and hook up with the cheapest car shipping company. Perhaps these true tales from other consumers who choose the cheaper route will deter you from making a car shipping decision you might live to regret.

"I had 4 cars transported from Florida to Georgia. The transporter hit my car, causing $4000+ in damage. He then left the scene of the accident and refused to turn around even for police. He was driving on an expired DOT number and had no insurance. The company ignores my calls and hangs up on me when I do get through to them."

"I chose (Company) to ship my wife's car because it was the cheapest one I found. The car was delivered with items missing from inside and a broken axel. The price ended up being more than I was quoted. $174 more for broker charge and $525 COD, which I had no choice but to pay."

"The worst customer service ever. They didn't show up when they said they would and never answered the phone when I called. My car arrived five days late. What a nightmare, don’t waste your time with this company!"

How to avoid pitfalls and ship your car or truck with confidence

Price shopping an integral part of any savvy car shippers quest for a good deal. Price, however, shouldn't be the only consideration. The cheapest car shipping company may appear to be a good deal, but by the end of the car shipment, you might find yourself wishing you'd prioritized other factors. Direct Connect Auto Transport has led the car shipping industry since 2001, and while our prices are competitive, we may not be the cheapest. But we offer so much value and quality for the price such as:

* Quality guarantee
* Most thoroughly-vetted driver network
* Insurance included with all price quotes
* No hidden fees
* 24/7 live customer service
* 5-star online reviews from our current customers

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