Car shipping can help get your students car home

The coronavirus has closed colleges and brought students home much sooner than anticipated. As the universities close up due to COVID 19, all college-age kids have come home.  While parents are glad to have the kids home during these uncertain times, there are a few logistical unexpected challenges that have to be addressed. However, getting a vehicle home should not be one of these challenges as it can be solved with a phone call or a few clicks of a mouse. Choosing the right car shipping service can take the pressure off getting your college-age students’ cars, SUVs or trucks home in a safe and timely manner. The case for using a car shipping service to solve your problem is strong and includes:

Advantages of Utilizing A Transport Company

* Time-saving – Especially if your family members are on campuses far from home, they won’t have to waste precious family time on long road trips to get home.
* Budget-friendly – Offset the money you’ll spend on gas, hotels and food expenses on your round trip to the college with an affordable car shipping service.
* Safety first – Don’t put your young family members out on long road trips down unnavigated roads to travel home. Using car shipping gives you peace of mind that, not only, the car is in good hands but that your college kids are safely on the train or plane en route to your loving home.

Selecting A Service Provider

Now that you’ve identified car shipping as a top option to getting vehicles home as the college year comes to a close, let’s drill down on the need-to-knows:

Researching the Car Shipping Company – Of course, you don’t want to trust just any car shipper with one of your family’s most expensive assets. Be sure to perform your due diligence before selecting a car shipping company to bring your college youth’s car home. Take these steps to ensure you choose a top car shipper:

* Check out their online reviews. Look for trends in the online reviews. Are the customers complaining about the same things over and over or complementing the company on the same things routinely? These trends show insight into strengths and weaknesses.
* Look for a guarantee. If the car shipper offers any kind of guarantee, that can provide an added layer of assurance that you’re covered should an unforeseen accident occur.
* Read up on how long they’ve been in business. By checking out websites and asking a few questions, you can quickly learn how long the car shipper has been in business – obviously seeking a company that has experience and longevity in the auto transportation industry.

* Get familiar with their driver network. Look for information about how thoroughly-vetted the car shipper’s drivers are essential indicators of quality.

Getting the Quote – Now that you’ve narrowed down the options for a car shipper to bring your darling daughter or son home from college, it’s time to review pricing. Online quotes are easy to procure, but be sure to note a few best practices to ensure you get the most accurate pricing.
* Provide your pickup and dropoff. Most car shippers can offer many options for pickup and dropoff, but the details can impact pricing.
* Understand what kind of carrier you require. If you have a standard-sized vehicle of an average price, you’ll likely opt for an open carrier. However, if your vehicle is oversized or a luxury vehicle, it may require special handling (that, again, can impact the price).
* Be flexible with your times, if possible. Peak times can drive up demand which can also impact car shipping prices, so be sure to express your schedule’s flexibility if you have it.

Making Your Arrangements

Setting up the Shipment – This is the easiest part. Once you’ve found the car shipping company that is going to bring your college kid’s car home for the summer, you just need to book it. Be sure to ask some key questions are this point in time, like:
* What types of payments do you accept?
* Are there any additional fees?
* Can I track my car while it’s out on the road?
* What if I need to reach your customer service after hours?

We Are Ready To Help At This Difficult Time

Direct Connect Auto Transport has led the pack as America’s top car shipper since 2001. We’re standing by when you’re ready to bring your baby’s car back from college! We offer the largest and most thoroughly-vetted carrier network. And, if that doesn’t offer enough peace of mind, we even stand behind our quality services with a guarantee.

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Photo Credit: Geoff Livingston