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Worst Weather Conditions for Travel and How to Handle Them July 17, 2019

Weather can wreak havoc on even the best travel plans, especially if you are traveling by car. Because you are not always guaranteed sunny skies and smooth sailing when you hit the road, it is important to understand how to deal with myriad weather conditions. Here are four of the worst weather conditions for travel and how you should handle them to ensure a safe trip.


In addition to causing significant damage to your vehicle, a hailstorm has the potential of creating dangerous driving conditions. The best course of action is to get off the road and to a safe place during a hail storm event. While you are finding a safe place to pull over, it is critical that you turn on your headlights and drive slowly. Regardless of if there is a green light, you should treat the intersection as a stop sign and slow down. Once pulled over, keep the vehicle angled so that the hail hits the front of the car. While windshields are engineered to withstand the force of most kinds of hail, the side and back windows are not.

Rainy Days

While it is a common weather condition, there are many rainy weather hazards you will want to be careful with while traveling. Wet pavement causes vehicles to lose traction on the road, making them more difficult to control. The risk of hydroplaning is most significant right after the rain begins. Do not use cruise control or follow vehicles too closely when it is raining or when the roads are wet from a previous rain event.

Snow and Ice

One of the most dangerous road conditions is snow and ice. You will want to proceed with extreme caution when driving on icy or snow-packed roads. The most important precaution to take is to drive slowly. This will minimize the risk of a spin out or collision. Do not stop the vehicle unless necessary. Increasing your following distance will also help to avoid collisions in the event that you cannot stop in time. If heading out for a long trip, be sure that your vehicle is packed with cold weather essentials in case you become stranded. 

By taking the time to understand how to drive in a variety of weather conditions, you can prepare yourself for a host of worst-case driving situations. It’s always good to be prepared for different types of weather, especially since it can be so unpredictable. Take to the road with confidence by equipping yourself with the necessary background knowledge.
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