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3 Things People Need to Quit Doing While Driving July 20, 2019

Motor vehicles are a necessity in many people's lives. More and more people are learning how to drive. Although most people are safe drivers, many others are irresponsible behind the wheel, which can endanger their lives and other fellow drivers. Here are three things people need to quit doing while driving.

Aggressive Driving

Beware of drivers who pass red lights, keep changing lanes and seem like they are zooming through the interstate. According to the ASU Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, these type of drivers are labeled as aggressive drivers, and they are known to be one of the most dangerous types of driver on the roads. Aggressive driving is dangerous because it leads to increasing numbers of car crashes and automobile deaths. For example, running a red light can cause a major accident if you're not driving carefully. To prevent and avoid aggressive drivers, make sure to go to appointments, meetings or work with plenty of time to spare in case of heavy traffic or if a reroute occurs.

Street Racing

Wanting to become like the lead character in the Fast and Furious movies comes with a price. Although illegal, many drivers enjoy street racing during the late hours of the night, and they block roads with their vehicles to stage races. According to GBW Law, street racing can result in loss of control of a vehicle and can seriously injure, even kill, participants and innocents nearby. The most common victims of these street races are not the drivers themselves but spectators, other passengers, and pedestrians on scene. To prevent street racing accidents, try not to drive in really late hours of the night and report any signs of a street race to the police.

Using a Cellphone

With advances in technology, it is not a new thing that many drivers are using their phones while driving. Distracted driving is on the rise, and it is an increasing factor in motor vehicle accidents. Checking social media, taking pictures, filming videos, using a map application, calling friends, surfing the internet and checking emails are all examples of distracted driving by using a cell phone, according to Plymouth Rock Insurance. To prevent distracted driving, place the cell phone in silent mode for the whole time you're driving, or place the phone in the glove compartment of the car.


Driving can be a fun experience if it is done safely and efficiently. Everyone shares the road and, as such, needs to obey proper driving laws. By practicing safe driving habits, lives can be saved, and the roads can be enjoyed by all.

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