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Summer Checklist For Your Vehicle July 09, 2019

How many times have you checked your car to make sure that it is ready for winter? The chances are high that it is an annual ritual, but people tend to forget to apply the same level of care and attention to their vehicles for the summer months. Just because driving conditions appear less treacherous, doesn't mean that they are devoid of risk.

People typically make longer journeys in summer, and so vehicle safety should remain a priority. Here's an essential summer car maintenance checklist for you to work through. Yes, it will take a little time, but it will save you dollars and inconvenience in the long run, especially if you go through these items before a long trip.

• Windshield wiper blades

You need to inspect your windshield wiper blades for any splits or wear and tear. If you have noticed that there is a line that follows the arc of the wiper on your windshield, it’s time to replace them.

• Washer fluid level

In summer the roads are dusty which can lead to a buildup of dust on your windshield. There are also more insects that caught on your windshield that can distract you while you are driving. Anything that reduces the quality of your vision while you are driving needs to be cleaned away as a matter of urgency. Make sure that your washer fluid is topped up.

• Exterior lights

The days may be longer, but you will still need to use your lights in high traffic areas and at night. However, the exterior lights can get dimmed if they are dirty. Clean your exterior lights so that they give full luminosity. Pay the same care and attention to your taillights as you do your headlights.

• Tire condition

Your car and truck tires need to be checked to make sure that they are still safe for the roads. Extremely hot weather can cause damage to the rubber by drying the tires out - the perfect recipe for a blowout. Check the tire pressure and inflate them to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

TIP: Check your spare tire too!

• Air-conditioning

You'll know if your vehicle's air-conditioning needs attention when it starts blowing out hot air. While air-conditioning is not critical to your road safety, if your air-conditioning plays up when you are on a long journey, you'll be very uncomfortable. When a vehicle's air-conditioning hasn't been used for a long period of time, the seals in the system can dry out and crack. This causes fluid to leak out and can potentially cause extensive damage to your engine.

Every car journey carries some risk, but regularly inspecting your vehicle means you can identify any areas that need extra attention to maintain road safety. The roads and weather conditions experienced in summer are different from those of winter. Just because your car has survived winter without any concern doesn't mean that it is summer ready. Invest time inspecting your vehicle and assess what improvements you need to make, especially if you are heading on a road trip.


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