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Planning Snowbird Car Transport for Spring January 20, 2022

Every spring, snowbirds in Florida and Arizona prepare to return to their homes in the north. After escaping the cold of winter by moving south, they now set their sights on escaping the heat of summer by moving back north. Like the trip south, planning snowbird car transport for the spring has huge benefits.

The trip back home is usually a lengthy one. The traditional trip on the East Coast involves getting from Florida to New Jersey or Florida to New York. But in the past few decades, thousands of snowbirds have instead made Arizona their destination.

Using snowbird car transport for spring can make the long trip back home easier to manage and safer no matter which states you travel between.

Who Is Considered a Snowbird?

By definition, a snowbird is anyone who moves to warmer climes in the winter. Traditionally, the term snowbird referred to those who traveled from states in New England and the Northwest to Florida. Now, it also includes those making the trek to Arizona and then making the return trip in the spring, including the drive from Arizona to Chicago.

Those who live full or part-time in an RV also typically go to warmer climates during the winter, as do some “digital nomads” who tend to travel to places like Florida and Arizona during the cold winter months.

Benefits of Spring Snowbird Car Transport

You can save time, trouble, and even money by using a snowbird car transport service on the return trip north in the spring. The benefits of using a car transport service include the following.

No towing. If you use an RV, towing a car or truck behind the RV can present safety hazards and make driving more difficult.

Convenience. A car transport service can do door-to-door service, completely alleviating the need to deal with moving your car from Florida and Arizona back to New York or Illinois.

Cost. If you are flying back, getting your car transported means you can skip the cost of fuel, lodging, and food on the road trip back home.

Tips For Planning Car Transport in the Spring

If you decide to use snowbird car transport in the spring, keep the following important tips in mind.

Choose a Reliable Service

Like many service industries, car transport is filled with companies that don’t have people with the proper experience or equipment. Make sure you look for companies with years of experience, good reviews, and who offer all the services you require.

Get The Right Price

You get what you pay for in-car transport. If a company offers a price that seems too good to be true, that’s likely because it is. You also don’t want to overpay with a company that offers bells and whistles you don’t need. Look instead for a reliable service with a reasonable price. You can also get a better price by having some flexibility on the exact dates and times for pick up and drop off.

Get The Right Services

Professional car transport services will have experience managing all types of vehicle transport -- sports cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and more. They also have worked with individuals as well as car dealerships. They should offer all the latest equipment needed to secure a vehicle for transport, as well as both open and enclosed trailers for shipping.

Using snowbird car transport in the spring can make the trip back to your home in the north safer and more convenient. Just keep in mind that you need to set aside time to find a reliable, professional service that will do as they advertise.


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