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Things to Consider When Transporting a Classic Car January 19, 2022

Whether you’re moving to a new location or wish to attend a car show or antique fair, knowing how to carefully transport your classic car to your desired destination can become a worry.
It’s simply not feasible to drive a decades-old vehicle hundreds of miles along busy roads – not only will it take a significant amount of time, but there is also the possibility of breakdowns, accidents, and maintenance issues occurring. If in doubt, hiring an auto transport service to transport your classic vehicle would be your best possible option. However, before you hand over your classic car to an auto transportation company, various aspects need to be taken into consideration beforehand.

Take out the relevant insurance policy

Any classic car owner understands the worth of their vehicle, both personally and financially. With this in mind, it is essential to take out the relevant insurance policy before transportation. While dependable auto transporters typically have their own insurance policy to cover them in the event of destruction or accidents, it is always worth taking out a personal insurance policy for extra peace of mind if the worst-case scenario were to occur. Finding the best car insurance policies will ensure you have the correct coverage at the best possible price.

Choose a trustworthy carrier

Although you may be flooded with options for auto transportation options online, choosing a company at random would not be a smart move when handling your priceless classic car. Always check out customer reviews and find out whether the company has earned a respectable reputation, as well as considering any recommendations from friends and family. Also, ensure that the company has the relevant licensing and insurance policies to legally carry out its duties.

Carry out maintenance checks

Before hiring an auto transport service to ship your vehicle, it would be highly advised to have a comprehensive maintenance inspection and service to determine the condition of your vehicle and if any aspects need attention. Not only will this prevent issues once your car is delivered on the other side, but you are also fully aware of whether your vehicle has any pre-existing issues before handing it over to others. It would also be advised to take high-quality photos to capture the refined details of the bodywork so that you are in your right to report any issues that are spotted after the car has been delivered.

Check tire pressure

Although there will be no driving involved within an auto transportation service, it is always a good idea to carry out a tire check before the date of shipping. Flat tires run the risk of your car moving around during transit and potentially causing preventable damage. Therefore, always ensure that your vehicle tires are inflated to the required pressure for maximum steadiness on the move.

While you cannot control what happens while your classic car is in transit, these pointers will give you valuable insight into how best to protect your valuable possession when hiring an auto transportation service.


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