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Snowbird Car Transport – 3 Tips For Saving Money This Year January 20, 2022

The population of Florida starts to increase as temperatures start to drop in the north and “snowbirds” make their way to the Sunshine State for a winter of mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Those making the trip from Connecticut to Florida or New York to Florida don’t have to get stuck driving their own car all the way down to Florida. Instead, they can hire a professional car transport company to bring their car south.

Why use snowbird car transport? It can help save you time and make the logistics of the move to Florida much easier to manage.

Are You a Snowbird?

These days, the term snowbird can refer to a few different types of people.

Traditional snowbirds. This includes people with homes in places like New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts - anywhere where it gets cold in the winter. They have a second home in Florida that they come to during the winter months. This remains the vast majority of snowbirds.

Digital nomads. A growing number of people who make a living on the internet practice “slow travel,” meaning they live in a place for a few months before moving on. Florida is a popular destination in the winter months.

RVers. People who live part-time or full-time in RVs also often have cars. They can get both transported if they want to save wear and tear on the vehicles and skip the need for towing a car.

The Benefits of Snowbird Car Transport

Using car transport services can save you money in some areas, as well as make the transition south much more convenient. Those areas include:

Fuel and Lodging. If you drive all the way from Massachusetts to Florida, you’re going to rack up quite a few bills on lodging and fuel. It’s also a long haul for Midwesterners making the drive from Chicago to Florida. With car transport, you can skip this step and fly directly to your destination and simply wait for your car delivery.

Wear and tear on the car. Driving round trip to Florida and back puts a lot of miles on a snowbird’s car and speeds up the timetable for needed maintenance.

Wear and tear on you. Why make the drive when you don’t have to? Long road trips are hard on your body. There’s also the chance of accidents, especially in inclement weather. Car transport takes those issues off the table.

Tips For Saving Money on Car Transport

You can shave dollars off the cost of car transport by making a few minor adjustments. The cost of car transport varies. There are variables you cannot control, such as the number of cars you need transported and the distance. But you can get a lower price by considering the following.

Wait For Off-Peak Periods

You can avoid the peak time for car transport by choosing to come south either slightly earlier or later than your fellow snowbirds. The season is usually in full swing by October.

Flexible Dates

In addition to trying to pick an off-peak time, it also helps to have some flexibility on the exact day and time for pickup and delivery. A professional car transport company will offer you the chance to pick your own time and dates but always ask for the least expensive options if you want to trim your costs.

Flexible Transport Options

Professional car transport companies offer enclosed transport. However, you can also choose open transport. Cars are perfectly safe in open transport, just open to the elements. However, it’s a less expensive choice.

If you’re a snowbird, keep all these different factors in mind as you consider snowbird car transport. It’s a service that provides many benefits and can take the stress of moving your car out of this year’s snowbird migration.


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