For college students moving to on-campus housing or an apartment in their college town, having a car is a rite of passage after freshman year. While students and their parents have plenty to worry about – tuition payments, class schedules, dorm room assignments – getting the car to college shouldn’t be one of them.

Students can drive, of course. But for those who decide to go to school out of state (popular choices include Florida, Texas, and California), just getting the car to campus can become a challenge. College car transport offers an alternative that can make getting a car to and from college much easier.

The Downside of Driving the Car

For students who choose to attend school far from home, driving the car to campus presents quite a few challenges. For concerned parents, the biggest issue is the potential for an accident. There are millions of car accidents every year, and going on a long drive increases the chances of something going wrong.

But even if everything goes right, driving a car to a college campus presents challenges.

  • Theft. With all their belongings packed into a vehicle, students make a tempting target for thieves.
  • Expenses. Just buying gas will run into the hundreds of dollars. There’s also the cost of food on the road. Multiple-day trips also require a place to sleep each night.
  • Dangers of the road. A breakdown in the middle of nowhere is not a problem you want your young college student to face.
  • Time. Whether a student goes it alone or with a parent, it will take a great deal of time to drive the car.

Taken together, these issues are often enough for parents and students to consider the convenience of hiring professionals for college car transport.

The Benefits of College Car Transport

Families that choose to use college car transport enjoy a lot of benefits. The first, of course, is not going through the stress of all the challenges listed above! But professional auto transport also offers many other key advantages.

It’s Safe

Auto transport professionals secure your car in an enclosed or open trailer, protecting it from any potential damage on the road. The car is picked up at home and delivered to the college campus or wherever the family prefers. 

It’s Fast

The common scenario is that the transport company collects your car, safely stores it on a carrier, and then hits the road. The college student and family then catch a plane to the college town, and the vehicle arrives the next day (it might take longer for very long-distance drives, trucks cover around 400 miles per day).

It’s Less Wear and Tear on a Car

A long drive puts a lot of extra miles on a car. Cars on long drivers also must deal with potential damage from bad roads that knock wheels out of alignment to stray rocks thrown by the tires of trucks that crack a windshield. Auto transport eliminates these issues.

It’s One Less Thing to Worry About

Services such as auto transport are popular because they reduce the stress of making a move. In the case of college students, both the parents and students will experience plenty of stress, anyway. Not having to worry about transporting a car gives them one less thing to worry about.

For those reasons, more parents and college students are choosing to use college car transport rather than make a long drive. If your future plans call for transporting a car to or from college, auto transport can make the whole process more efficient and far less stressful.