As more people learn to love living in warmer climates (and usually with lower taxes), the trend of becoming a reverse snowbird has become more popular. People who once traveled to sunny spots in the winter now live there full-time and travel back to their old home in the summertime.

These reverse snowbirds make the trek from Florida to New York or Arizona to Illinois every year. The difference from past years is that they live in the sunny spot and travel back home for a few months of the year – a snowbird in reverse.

With more people working from home in recent years, people “could choose their lifestyle rather than their workplace as their priority,” a condo sales director in Florida told Barron’s. “A lot of buyers this year said they were looking out their windows and decided that they didn’t want to wait five years to do what they want. These couples decided they would rather stay in Florida year-round instead of flying back and forth.”

The Traditional Path of the Snowbird

The term snowbird refers to people who spend their winters in places such as Arizona, Florida, and Texas, enjoying the warmer weather while things get cold back home in places like New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Most rent condos or houses in the warmer weather cities, making the trek from New York to Miami from around Thanksgiving until April. Now, they’re doing the same thing, but in reverse, returning back north for the summer after spending nine or 10 months in places like Florida.

Barron’s reports that the trend accelerated during the pandemic when many left the northeast to escape areas where the pandemic initially hit the hardest. Many simply decided to never return and instead became reverse snowbirds.

Most reverse snowbirds keep their homes back in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts, meaning they do the round trip at least twice a year. But they increasingly want bigger homes in places like Florida and Texas, where they also enjoy lower taxes, the beach lifestyle, and (for families) improved public schools, magnet schools, and private schools for the kids.

Auto Transport for Reverse Snowbirds

Because they make the trip at least twice a year, many reverse snowbirds choose to use car transport services during the trek between their home state and the south. They enjoy many benefits by having their vehicles moved by professionals.

Save on travel costs. Without a vehicle to drive reverse snowbirds can get on a plane and arrive at their destination in a matter of hours. With a car to drive, they pay for fuel, lodging, and food during the trip, which can last several days.

Save on car wear and tear. Getting a vehicle shipped saves drivers from adding thousands of miles and wear and tear on vehicles.

Save time and trouble. Traveling a thousand miles or more is time-consuming, especially if there’s bad weather, and also is hard on your body. Getting a car transported removes these concerns.

Becoming a reverse snowbird is a trend that shows little chance of stopping as the popularity of living in warmer climates with lower taxes continues to grow. For those who decide to make the switch, consider using car transport services to help make the transition smoother.