North – Record warm temperatures may appear that it is already Spring. From Virginia to Maine, states will be having much warmer temperatures for the week. Temperatures are expected to go down for the end of the week to 30 degrees.
Midwest – Increasingly warm temperatures East of the Rockies for this week will be 30 degrees above the average, especially from Michigan to Minnesota. Enjoy the warm weather for now, because towards the end of the week, temperatures will become cold once again. Temperatures will go back to 30 degrees in Minnesota and Illinois, and states in the area from are likely to see snow.
West – In California, dangerous storms will continue until Tuesday morning. Another round of dangerous landslides, flooding and heavy winds are on their way. Major flooding has occurred in the Bay area and Sacramento Valley area. Flood warnings are continuing for Oroville, Sacramento and Redding and 10 inches rain is expected. Heavy rain and snow is causing rivers to overflow, causing delays in transportation. The Sierra area of California can expected snow throughout Tuesday morning.
South – Record warm temperatures are already blooming Spring flowers early. From Texas to South Carolina, temperatures will be well above average. The end of the week will cool down once again for these states, so the excess heat will be temporary.