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Your Ultimate Guide To Shipping A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle to Minnesota

Minnesota is well known for its many scenic lakes like Pose Lake at sunset.

If you are headed to the amazing state of Minnesota, be sure to spend some time out on the many lakes and rivers it offers, and if it’s summer a Minnesota Twins game must be on your list of things to do! If Minnesota is your final destination, you likely have a few logistics considerations to take care of before you begin sightseeing. You can go ahead and cross researching Minnesota auto transport companies off your to-do list; this guide will tell you all you need to know to about how to ship a car to MN.

Start with researching the auto transport companies you are going to use to transport your car, truck, SUV or motorcycles to your new home in Minnesota. There will be many choices that show up in your Google search, so you’ll want to have criteria to narrow down your search to the auto transport companies you want to trust your Minnesota car shipping needs to. So, let’s get started - we know you’ve got a lot to do!

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How To Search For The Best Minnesota Car Shipping Companies

You love your car, right? Well, it may not be perfect, but you do want it to arrive to your new Minnesota home safe and sound. That’s why choosing the best Minnesota car shipping company should not be based on price alone. Of course, you have a budget and price matters but be sure to also look for key qualities in your MN auto transport prospects such as:

  • Years in business - You don’t want to trust a fly-by-night company with little (or no) experience with some of your most important and expensive assets.
  • Online reviews - Do the company’s current customers rate their services well? If so, this is a good sign that they are providing quality services across the board. If not, well, this may not be the best Minnesota car shipping company for your needs.
  • External accreditations - Check out if the Minnesota auto transport company has a positive Better Business Bureau rating or endorsements and accreditations from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is sure sign that the MN auto shipper is dedicated to quality and customer service.
  • Insurance - Insurance is imperative during your Minnesota car shipping. It should be included in your car shipping price quote.
  • Guarantees - Does the MN auto transport company provide any kind of guarantee to protect you in the event of an accident? This is definitely a strong consideration as you plan to ship a car to Minnesota.
  • Customer service - Questions, issues and even problems don’t always follow the typical business hours of 9-5. Check for customer service that is available after hours via telephone if needed.

Start by requesting a quote online or calling the friendly Direct Connect Auto Transport team at 800-981-2222.

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Drilling Down On The Cost To Ship A Car To Minnesota

  • Your Vehicle Type: A standard-sized car will bring the most affordable cost to ship a car to Minnesota. If you are shipping an oversized SUV, a vintage vehicle that requires an enclosed carrier or an inoperable vehicle, your Minnesota car shipping price will be impacted. Be sure to let your auto transport partner know all the details of the car you’re shipping to MN.
  • Your Carrier Option: The open carrier is well-suited for most average size cars and the most affordable. If your MN car shipping needs require protection from the elements, temperature control or an added layer of security, you may go with an enclosed carrier. Also, if you are shipping an extremely large vehicle, you may need to opt for a flatbed truck.
  • Distance: Whether you are shipping a car from St. Paul to Minneapolis or from New York City to Duluth, the distance of your Minnesota car shipment will impact the price, based on fuel costs, driver fees, availability and other distance-related details.
  • Season: There is often a seasonal demand for auto transport. If you are flexible with your dates, let your MN auto transport company know and you may save money!
  • If you are ready to get a Minnesota car shipping price quote, contact Direct Connect Auto Transport at 800-980-2222 or complete an online car shipping price quote request.

Why Online Reviews ForMinnesota Auto Transport Companies Are Important

Be sure to take the time to read the online auto transport reviews for your Minnesota auto transport company. These reviews, ratings and testimonials are like an “ear to the ground” of how it is to be the Minnesota car shipper’s current customer. Look for trends in the statements for customers who have used their service.

  • Are the often complimented for being on time?
  • Do they reply quickly to issues?
  • Is their customer service team helpful and responsive?
  • Are their drivers courteous and professional?
  • Would they use the service again?

Once, you’ve done all your due diligence and you’re ready to ship your cars to Minnesota, stop by Direct Connect Auto Transport to request your free, instant online car shipping pricing or give our friendly staff a call anytime at 800-981-2222.

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The Direct Connect Auto Transport Advantage

Since 2001, Direct Connect Auto Transport has been a go-to leader in the car shipping industry. We specialize in shipping vehicles to Minnesota as well as around the world. We can assist you with transporting a car, truck or motorcycle to Minnesota from just about anywhere. We’re also here for your boat, SUV, RV or oversized equipment shipping needs.

Here’s why Direct Connect Auto Transport is America’s top choice for car shipping to Minnesota:

  • Experience
  • Dedication to quality
  • World-class insurance
  • Largest, most thoroughly-vetted network of drivers
  • Damage-free guarantee
  • 24/7, 365-day/year customer service access
  • Straightforward, honest car shipping price quotes
  • A+ Better Business Rating
  • Accredited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Real-time tracking of your vehicles during shipment
As you make your big move to Minnesota, be sure to choose the right MN auto transport company to get your cars to the upper Midwest with you. Choose Direct Connect Auto Transport!

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