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How to Prepare Your Car for Resale December 10, 2018

Upgrading your vehicle is one of the most exciting moments in the life of a keen motorist. Most motorists choose to sell or trade in their existing model for something exciting and new - usually an upgrade on their current car. But to really get the best price overall on this upgrade, you should do everything possible to really boost the value of the car youre getting rid of.

The better-equipped and more wisely-prepared vehicles always tend to sell for a higher price, which of course offsets the price of your new motor. Below are listed the procedures you should consider in this process.

1. Dents and Knocks

Over the years, its not only a careless driver wholl have picked up a few dents, knocks and scrapes on the exterior of their vehicle. But its the wise motorist who finds a way to minimize the impact these have on the overall look of their car.

Tip: Buff, shine, repaint and, where economically viable, replace panels to make your car more attractive to buyers.

2. Interior Marks

The same kind of marks are inevitable inside your car. You can deal with these in a number of ways. Scratches on plastic and metal interior items can be gently sanded or buffed into a more invisible presence in your car. Marks on leather can be erased with the right leather treatment solution. Finally, you may be able to replace any badly broken parts at a scrapyard for a minimal investment.

3. Windows and Mirrors

These are extremely important to have in good shape - theyre parts of your car that buyers are undoubtedly going to examine. Get an affordable windshield replacement from if theres a chip or crack in the glass. Replacement wing mirrors are relatively cheap to order in too. These should be well-cleaned before inspection by a potential buyer.

4. Wheels and Tires

One of the main components of a used car that you should replace are the hubcaps. These can take a beating against curbs over the years, and look very ugly and used in such a state. Theyre comparatively cheap to replace.

Then there are the tires themselves. These can be expensive to replace, but a tire with no tread isnt going to make a great impression on a buyer.

Tip: Make sure theyre washed and inflated well before you show off your car.

5. Deep Clean

It should go without saying that your car must be perfectly clean and sparkling for prospective buyers. This means deep cleaning both the interior and the exterior of your vehicle. Every single inch of your car should look as dazzlingly clean as possible, with no sign of dirt or damage left untouched.

6. Readying to Sell

Many independent car sellers choose to skip the middleman to advertise their vehicle for free online. If youre looking to get the very best price out of your vehicle, make sure your pictures are classy and of good quality.

Tip: Be sure to take numerous photos, showing off the best parts of your car from multiple angles in good light.



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