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DCAT Logistics Post 2/4/19 – 2/10/19 February 04, 2019

A new snowstorm, Winter Storm Lucian, will affect the U.S. this week from the West coast to Northeast. Be prepared, and expect travel delays as cold air, ice and snow may impact your commute.

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North - From Wednesday to Thursday, expect a mixture of snow, rain and ice from Maine to Virginia. Ice will extend into Northeastern states from the Midwest, which can weigh down tree branches, power lines and even make roads slick.

South - Although the Southern states saw a break from the cold temperatures, they will be back again. The South will also experience rain Monday to Wednesday from Texas to Alabama.

Midwest - After snow from Winter Storm Lucian makes it way from the West Coast to the Midwest states, the snowstorm will turn into a wintry mess midweek for the Plains, Midwest and even the Northeast. From Tuesday to Thursday, expect snow from Montana to Michigan.

West - Winter Storm Lucian began this morning from Washington to California. The National Weather Service reported Winter warnings from Oregon to Washington, Southern California and especially the Sierra Nevada area and Rockies. A blizzard warning as of today has been posted for parts of Sierra Nevada for heavy winds and possible whiteout conditions.


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