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Finding the Right Oregon Auto Transport Services

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If you're moving to or from Oregon, you might be wondering how you're going to bring all of your vehicles with you. After all, you can only drive one at a time! If you have luxury cars, motorcycles, or even RVs, you should search for a trusted auto transportation service to bring your vehicles safely to your new home or business.

The Oregon auto transport business is a competitive world. While it's generally good to have options, you should know what qualities define the established auto transport companies from the amateurs. If you're like most people, your vehicle is an essential part of your life. Without it, you couldn't get to work or school. You need to find an Oregon auto transport company that you can trust to properly load and unload your car, secure during the haul and give you peace of mind at an affordable rate.

Here are just some qualities to weight when picking the right car shipping company in Oregon:

Good Qualities To Look For In Oregon Auto Transport Companies

  • Insurance: The absolute #1 issue for an Oregon move will be finding the best auto transportation company. If an accident occurs, you'll want to ensure that your vehicle is covered with world-class insurance.
  • Reviews: What kind of reputation does the Oregon car shipping company have? Maybe your friends or family have used them and had a bad experience. Search around websites like their local Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, or more transport specific listings like TransportReviews. If you cannot find them on common auto listings online, that's not a good sign.
  • Experience: How long have they been in business? If the OR auto transport company is a new startup, they might not have as many qualified of drivers or competitive rates compared with more veteran auto transporters in the Beaver State. And, an inexperienced company will likely not have as much equipment, limiting your scheduling and types of hauls (covered, open, or flatbed trucks).
  • Area of Service: You will also need to consider the size of the operational area of service from the Oregon auto transport company. Most large national businesses have pickup and drop points across the U.S. Others might be more regional around Oregon or very local (say across Portland).

Direct Connect Auto Transport promises to exceed all of your expectations. We've been in service around Oregon and the greater Northwest for over 15 years with outstanding customer service. You deserve an auto transport company that values safety, timely deliveries, and 100% customer satisfaction. Get started today by giving us a quick call at 800-980-2222 or completing an online quote.

Calculating Oregon Auto Transport Prices

It's actually hard to give a broad price for any OR auto transport service because of the range of factors that play into the costs. It's important to find a company that gives you complete transparency in the process. You don't want to be hit with hidden fees at the end.

You should be an informed consumer to make the best decision on your move to Oregon. Keep in mind, our calculator is a simple estimate based on the information you provide to us online

Here are some basic items that will affect the price of your Oregon auto transport service:

  • Distance: Instead of an hourly wage, truck driver pay is based on the cents per mile (CPM) of each haul. A local transportation job from Portland to Hillsboro (17.4 miles) would cost you considerably less than from Pendleton to Medford (308 miles). Keep in mind, even if an auto transport haul is about ten hours in driving distance, that doesn't mean it will take that long to arrive at the pickup. The DOT has placed strict hours of service constraints on all commercial drivers with the new electronic log device mandate.
  • Average Diesel Rate: Diesel fuel costs are typically always expensive, but they still vary according to the fluctuating state of the economy. Just like gasoline, there are ups and downs to diesel rates. You don't have to be a market analyst to understand them either. Every week, the US Department of Energy publically releases the spread of average diesel rates breakdown according to regions. For Oregon auto transports, check out the West Coast values.
  • Type of Carrier: You can choose to transport your vehicles via flatbed or a covered or open carrier. Each has a different rate.The cheapest option isn't necessarily best for your needs.Contact Direct Connect Auto Transport at 800-980-2222 today to discuss each option.
  • Direct Delivery vs. Drop Point: The most convenient option for most people is to have the auto transport dealer directly delivery their vehicles to the door of their new residence. However, this option usually costs more and you'll want to already be at the location first. Alternatively, the car shippers can arrange for drivers to deliver your vehicles to one of their secure garages for pickup. The issue then is deciding how you'll get to that location. Either a friend could drive you, or you can use a service like Uber. Let us know what works for you by using a quick contact form.
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Do the Proper Research into Your Oregon Auto Transportation

We at Direct Connect Auto Transport want what's best for you. It's smart to have all your options on the table, just in case something doesn't work out with your scheduling. Moving is often a complicated process, and you want to cover all your bases. After doing some proper research, we're confident you'll find Direct Connect Auto Transport to be the most reliable auto transport company across all of Oregon.

Compare the following among all your auto transportation dealers:

  • Price: Make sure it's a straightforward Oregon car shipping rate. If they take longer than a week to get you an exact number, move on to someone who gives you the time you deserve.
  • Accreditation: Look into whether your potential auto transport partner is a member of any reputable trucking association. Direct Connect Auto Transport offers a full accreditation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Accessibility: Any quality business places the customer first. If their lines are constantly busy or they make excuses for not getting back to you, consider someone else. Direct Connect Auto Transport operates 24/7 every day of the year!
  • Scheduling: How soon can they move your vehicles? If you have an immediate need to move as soon as possible, be upfront with the transportation company. We offer expedited shipping with real-time tracking on all hauls.
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Choose Direct Connect Auto Transport for Oregon Car Shipping

We are here to serve you for any Oregon auto transport needs. We've been in business since 2001 and we have the experience and know-how to get your Oregon car shipping job done right. We only employ the most qualified drivers that prioritize safety. Given the quality of our services, we offer great rates with fully licensed and insured operations. You cannot afford to compromise safety with a less than a reputable auto company.

Get started today by contacting one of our transportation experts by calling 800-980-2222. Have all your vehicle information ready so we can process your order as quickly as possible. To get an idea, you can always fill out our instant quote form from your homepage.

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