It’s possible to ship a car to Florida from anywhere in the United States using a professional auto transport company. They use state-of-the-art equipment to safely load and transport your vehicle, allowing you to ship your car to Florida and skip the stress and hassle of driving long-distance yourself.

It’s a service that works great for snowbirds, parents with children going to college in Florida, and those making long-distance moves such as California to Florida, New York to Florida, or Chicago to Florida.

Why Ship a Car to Florida?

Florida is a popular destination both for people looking to relocate and those living temporarily in the Sunshine State during the winter months. However, it’s a long drive for many. For example:

  • New York to Miami (1,284 miles)
  • Chicago to Tampa (1,175 miles)
  • Boston to Orlando (1,287 miles)
  • Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale (1,172)

Those distances make auto transport a smart choice for many people. They save themselves the cost of buying gas, food and hotel rooms on the trip to Florida. They also save wear and tear on the car, which an auto transport company safely hauls. 

Perhaps most importantly, they eliminate the stress of driving so many miles, which increases the chance of a crash or collision. And if a person has multiple cars, they no longer have to worry about having enough drivers to get all the cars to the new location.

Things to Look For in an Auto Transport Company

If you’re looking to ship a car to Florida, it’s important to keep important factors in mind when selecting the right auto transport company. All the usual issues are at play: good customer service from your first contact, fair prices when compared to other companies, and professionalism in every phase of the operation.

Keep in mind that many factors contribute to the cost of shipping a car to Florida. They include the distance, weight of vehicle, type of carrier (either an open or enclosed carrier), and the time of year. 

Direct Connect Auto Transport meets these standards, providing a customer-focused operation that moves all types of vehicles anywhere in the country. Cities in Florida served by Direct Connect Auto Transport include Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, and Tampa.

Why Move to Florida?

Florida continues to rank among the hottest spots to move to in the country. The state ranks in the top 10 of “inbound” movers, meaning far more people are moving to Florida than leaving Florida. 

That’s made the Chicago to Florida, New York City to Florida, and New Jersey to Florida pipelines much more active than usual. Reasons include:

  • Low taxes. There’s no state income tax in Florida.
  • Great weather. The Florida winter weather is legendary for a good reason.
  • Beaches. The state contains some of the best beaches in the country.
  • Job opportunities. Along with more individuals and families, more businesses are also relocating to Florida for the business-friendly environment and large talent pool of workers.

Florida also still attracts retirees looking to relocate and snowbirds who want to make the state their temporary home.

Given the many reasons to move to the Sunshine State, and the many advantages of using auto transport, shipping a car to Florida is a smart choice for people from all walks of life. If you’re preparing to move to Florida, you owe it to yourself to check into what an auto transport company can do for you.