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Vintage Car Shipping

Vintage and classic cars make modern cars feel inferior. There’s something about classic cars that has both personality and style. Vintage cars will easily stand out from other cars, and be an impressive vehicle to drive.

Purchasing a vintage car can be an investment of your dreams, from the beautiful interiors to the bright colored exteriors.

Increase in Value

If you want your vehicle to increase quickly in value, then purchase a classic car. With normal cars, they depreciate in value the minute you start driving them with classic cars - they start to increase in value year after year. Many people enjoy collecting vintage cars as a hobby. Some vintage cars are less expensive to purchase but you may have to invest in high repair costs. If you are experienced with fixing up vintage cars, then this offer is a steal! Other vintage cars may be more expensive to purchase, but you may not need to do much maintenance. Antique cars that were made in smaller numbers years ago will have a higher value. Since many classic cars are rare, you may get a large sum of money when it is time to sell!

Steps to Take to Ship Your Vehicle

It is important to protect your investment when you have a vintage car, to ensure that it does not depreciate. Be sure the company who ships your car is a reputable shipping company, with plenty years of experience shipping vintage cars. This will save you from worrying down the road. Choosing just any company to ship your car may not ensure that it will get to the place in the condition it is supposed to arrive. When you find a company that you would consider working with, you can check the Federal DOT safety database, to check any inspections on the transport trucks and any major accidents. You should also ask if the shipping company has insurance and what the insurance will cover. You should verify their policy by calling the insurance company. Remove anything valuable from the car and take care of maintenance issues that need to be resolved prior to having your car shipped.

Once you are ready to ship your vintage vehicle there are a few things you should do before it is shipped out. You should get your car cleaned so we can properly inspect your car to prevent damage claim issues. You should also let us know of any unique features to your car such as hidden switches, alarms, information about the battery and fuel cut-off switches. If you car happens to have a maintenance problem, it is important that we know where all of the controls are. This makes it easier for your vintage car shipping to go smoothly.

When the vehicle arrives at its destination, a trusted representative will perform an inspection to make not of any damage to the vehicle upon arrival. The vehicle’s condition will be documented, and you should also get a copy of the shipping contract.

Shipping Your Vintage Car Safely

When you have a valuable vintage car, it is important to have it properly protected when being shipped. Whether you are transporting it overseas or to another state in the U.S., you want to ensure that your car will arrive at its destination the way it was before being shipped.

For vintage car shipping, you can have an open transport carriers or enclosed trailer - depending on your preference. Our enclosed auto transport trailers will provide more protection so they are not exposed to elements that may damage your car.

An experienced car transporter will have the needs to make sure your vehicle gets to its location in great condition. With our tools to safely move your vintage vehicle, we are confident that you will have a great shipping experience with us.

Some reasons to move your vintage vehicle may be for: a car show, moving for a new job, or avoiding weather-related damage with seasonal car shipping. If you know ahead of time that your area will have a harsh weather season, you can ship your vehicle to a safer location.

At Direct Connect Auto Transport, we want to make sure your shipping experience goes smoothly. We will make sure we take every precaution to protect the investment of your vintage car, so you can drive your car with ease in your new destination!

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition you sent it in or your money back.


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