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How Long Will It Take To Ship My Car?

How Long Will it Take to Ship My Automobile?

Shipping your vehicle may take longer in different situations. It can vary depending on vehicle type, mileage, location and more. Whether you are shipping a motorcycle, a classic or exotic car, passenger vehicles or a heavy haul; here at Direct Connect Auto we can make your auto shipment go smoothly.

Shipping Time Will Vary

For the average vehicle, we can determine the time of delivery from miles traveled. If you are looking to travel 0 to 500 miles, you are looking at a 2 to 4 day delivery. If you are traveling 1000 to 1600 miles, you can expect a 3 to 5 day arrival. For 1001 to 1600 miles, 4 to 6 days should be expected. For longer routes, 1601 to 2100 miles will take 6 to 8 day and 2101 + miles can be anywhere from 7 to 9 days of delivery.

Traveling Distance Delivery Times
0-500 miles 2-4 days
501-1000 miles 3-5 days
1001-1600 miles 4-6 days
1601-2100 miles 6-8 days
2101+ miles 7-9 days

This is just a determination for the average shipping time. There are, of course, times when shipping dates may take a longer time to deliver.

The Location Will Determine When Your Car Can Be Delivered

The area that you are looking to ship to can affect your shipping times. If you want to ship to a remote or rural area, you can be looking at a higher price. If there are not many trucks out there to pick up your car, it will cost more for a truck to go to the remote area. For the metropolitan areas, it will cost less because there are more trucks available and more cars to be shipped. Since there are always cars available to be shipped, it will cost you less to ship your car. If your car is the only car on the truck and the truck needs to go out of the main route to get to you car, it will cost the driver more money.

Distance Can Affect Your Shipping Rates

When you transport your car longer distances, it will cost more. The location you are shipping your vehicle to and the location you are shipping your car from will also affect the price. The type of vehicle and its weight can also affect the shipping price when going longer distances. For example, a heavy car adds more weight to the trailer. The trailer has a weight limit to abide by, so if you car is heavy it will cost more.

Do You Prefer You Car to be Shipped Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal?

If you want your car to be shipped door-to-door, this may cost more for you depending on where you live. If your home is in a hard to access area or remote area, it costs more for the truck to drive off the main route. You can opt for a terminal-to-terminal service which may be less expensive, but you have to factor in the storage fees. So, if you live far away from the terminal, door-to-door would be a more cost-effective option in this situation.

Seasonal Auto Transport

Weather can affect the time you car will be shipped. If the weather is severe, your shipping may be delayed. Most car shipping companies have their most expensive shipping season starting in the summer until the Fall. It will generally be less expensive to ship in the winter, unless you are located in an area that gets severe Winter storms. Mountainous areas can cause dangerous conditions for truck drivers due to the amount of snow. This will make the shipping price increase.

There are also popular times to ship cars during the year, which create an increase in traffic. One popular season to ship your car is snowbird season. This is when many retirees move from North to South to avoid the cold weather. Many of these retirees are from the Midwestern and Northeastern states, and can experience rate increases. Learn more about how the seasons can affect your automobile transportation.

Shipping Antique and Exotic Cars

When shipping antique and exotic cars, it requires a delicate service. You want to look for an auto transporter who is experienced in antique car and exotic car transport. The ideal way to ship without damage would be to use an enclosed trailer. This is the safest way to ship a valuable car, as all sides are completely covered. This gives you protection from storms, debris, bugs and other road damage.

With antique cars, many are low to the ground, and our shipping vehicles are custom made to accommodate that. If you have a fixer upper antique car and want a cheaper option, then open transport would be your best option.

With exotic cars, the extra level of protection from an enclosed carrier is definitely needed. Make sure that the auto carrier that you choose has the proper insurance incase the vehicle is damaged. For exotic car shipping, the price is about $1.50 per mile for 1,500 miles. If you are travelling a longer distance, the price will generally be slightly less expensive per mile.

For shipping classic cars, the shipping price is about $1 per mile for 1,500 miles. The longer the distance may also decrease the price slightly per mile.

Shipping Passenger Vehicles

When you are shipping a car, there are a few things to do to prepare for the car shipment. You should make sure there aren’t any mechanical issues, which will delay your auto shipping process. Be sure to make note of any mechanical issues to the auto shipper. Tires should be fully inflated, batteries should be fully charged and all car fluids should be checked. You gas tank should also be about 1/8th full, since it adds to the weight of the auto carrier. To ensure that your car is delivered on time, be sure to check off all of these steps.

Heavy Haul

When you add weight to an auto carrier, it is going to add on to the cost of the vehicle shipment. At Direct Connect Auto, our company is equipped to move a heavy haul and oversized equipment. With our experienced full truckload shipping, we can move heavy vehicles, oilfield gear, a construction crane, heavy agricultural equipment and other large machinery that traditional carriers are not able to ship. We have long haul tractors for FTL cargo shipping needs - and with our 20 years of shipping experience - we are sure that you will be satisfied with your shipment and delivery. Since we are dealing with heavy haul transport, this may slightly delay the delivery date, especially if the equipment breaks down.

Depending on mileage, location, distance, type of vehicle, etc. - there are many factors that can affect how long it will take to ship a vehicle. Maintenance should be taken care of for any vehicle beforehand, any loose items in the vehicle should be secured and any issues with the vehicle should be told to the auto shipper before the transport. Follow these rules for a timely and hassle-free auto transport.


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