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How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car?

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car?

Shipping a car can vary depending on various situations. First, the location that you are shipping your vehicle from to its destination will determine how long the delivery will take. Next, the type of carrier you want may be in short supply. Finally, the weather is the biggest factor of shipping delays, so it may take your car a bit longer to ship.

Your Shipping Time, On Average

The average shipping delivery time for vehicles driven by our auto transporters at DCAT are as follows: For 0 to 500 miles, expect a 2 to 4 day delivery. For 1000 to 1600 miles, it will arrive in about 3 to 5 days. If you are travelling 1001 to 1600 miles, it will take about 4 to 6 days. If you are expecting to travel longer, for 1601 to 2100 miles - expect 6 to 8 days and for 2101 + miles - expect 7 to 9 days.

Traveling Distance Delivery Times
0-500 miles 2-4 days
501-1000 miles 3-5 days
1001-1600 miles 4-6 days
1601-2100 miles 6-8 days
2101+ miles 7-9 days

This is just a determination for the average shipping time. There are, of course, times when shipping dates may take a longer time to deliver.

Distance Will Determine the Time it Takes Your Car to Ship

Where you are locating your vehicle and from the location will also determine when your car will be shipped. If you are shipping a longer distance, your car shipping will naturally be more expensive. The more miles that your vehicle travels will add to the cost of the shipment.

Your Location Will Factor Into the Cost of Shipping Rates

Where you are shipping your vehicle to and the location you are shipping from will also determine when your car will be shipped. If you are shipping to or from a large metropolitan area, the cost will be less since there are many auto transporters and truck drivers in the area. However, if you are shipping to or from a remote area with a low population, there may not be enough trucks. Truck drivers tend to pick up many cars in one area, since they can make more money. So, if your area does not have a lot of cars that need to be shipped, it will cost the truck driver more money to ship your vehicle. You will have a higher price to pay since truck drivers mostly stay on main routes.

With the Type of Car, You Can be Paying More

Depending on the type of vehicle, you may need more space in the transport truck. For example, a smaller model car will take up less space than a large SUV. So, the more space you take up in the transport truck, the more money you will have to pay. The rate will slightly increase with a large vehicle. If your vehicle is heavier, it will also slightly increase the price. The trucks have a weight limit that they need to adhere to, so the more weight on your vehicle will add to the price.

The Weather and Seasons Will Affect Auto Transport

The weather that you are shipping your vehicle in and the season will all affect the shipping prices. For most car shipping companies, the most expensive times to ship start during the summer until the Fall season. For most areas of the country, it will be slightly less expensive to ship during the Winter. If you are shipping your vehicle in an area that has severe weather during the Winter, the truck drivers will ask for more money. Such areas like mountainous regions that get a lot of snow and ice can cause dangerous conditions for truck drivers.

If you are transporting your vehicle during a popular season like snowbird season, there will be a lot more traffic on the road. Since many seniors want to move from the North to the South for a few months to escape the cold, the price for shipping will increase. Many of the snowbirds are retirees from the Northeastern and Midwestern states, which have their rates increased during this time.

Shipping Rates and Car Shipping Length Can Be Affected if Your Car Doesn’t Run Well

If your car is an old, unreliable car - the time it takes your car to arrive can be affected. Your car may break down and may need special parts. Or, if you are shipping a crashed car, there is an extra service fee. If your car has trouble starting, then it will be considered inoperable. An inoperable vehicle may increase your shipping price by a couple hundred dollars, since it will need special equipment to ship.

Are You Shipping Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal?

If you are shipping your vehicle door-to-door, it may cost you more money if you live in a remote area or an area that is off the main route and hard to access. Shipping companies typically offer door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery. Terminal delivery fees can be less offensive at first, but you also have to pay a storage fee. Door-to-door delivery would be more convenient and may be less expensive if you live far away from a terminal.


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