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Ridesharing May Affect More than Just The Passenger Industry January 21, 2016

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Could there be a ridesharing service for auto transportation?


Imagine having a family of four moving from Texas to Connecticut. They each have their own car and need to transport it from One side of the U.S. to the other. The idea of each of them having to all drive their own cars would be a lot for one move. Can there be a potential way if the future to make this easier to ship multiple cars? What if there was a service, similar to Uber, where you would pay a driver to drive your car to your destination?


How would it change the auto transportation industry if there was?


The idea of having a driver drive your car for you would be convenient for any move. The driver can take your car from one city, and transport it to another city, where there will be another car in need of transportation either back to where the driver is from or continuing to another place to pick up another vehicle or major cities in the U.S. can have cars ready for these drivers, that they can pick up, and drive home after they drop off their clients car. This would mean that there would be less of a hassle to move. In much the same way that the taxi industry is being replaced by ridesharing businesses like Uber and Lyft, can other transportation industries be far behind in needing to revolutionize the way business is done. The auto industry is going through changes and what comes next is sure to change the landscape.


Would this be an independent contractor service like Lyft and Uber? Or would it still be a company that provides the shipping, just in a different form?


The idea of sending a car on a journey with a stranger in charge may not sit well with some people, but for others, so long as a person is certified or passed a background check they may be willing to allow them to deliver the car to their destination. This can likely end up going either way or even both in a type of hybridized industry.


There is something to be said for entrusting your valuables, including your car, to a certified company that has a reputation and resources should anything go wrong during transportation. Companies can also have a greater number of drivers and better able to coordinate the schedules of those drivers.


The other route that this can take is to create a system like Uber where anyone can sign up for to be a driver. The creation of an app available for anyone to download to use whenever as long as the driver has passed a background check and has proper insurance. As the world continues to get more connected every day people are becoming more willing to relinquish control to others in the pursuit of convenience and freedom. This is especially true for transportation when you are able to track exactly where your car will be at every moment of the day. The drivers can set their own hours, and have a car waiting for them when they need to return home. The drivers can decline or accept a job, along with the passengers who can decline or accept a driver. They can make their own driver schedule, and can be available from morning to night. The money will be in the form of  automatic payment and on holidays the driver can make even more money. This is a nice job for anyone looking to make a little extra cash!



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