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Weather in the U.S. for New Years Day December 29, 2016

North -  States like Connecticut did not have a white Christmas, but today the Northwestern part of the state had snow. Conditions are slick as snow along with rain are making major roads and driving conditions icy. Winter Storm Fortis is threatening northern states from Maine to West Virginia. Snow is expected to be heavy for this weekend, with strong winds and icy conditions. These states may experience snow for New Year’s day.

Midwest - The Midwestern states were hit by Snow Storm Europa a few days ago for Christmas. Now, another winter storm is threatening the to hit the Midwest. States from Wisconsin to North Dakota will likely experience snow for New Year’s Day into the beginning of next week.

South - Southern states can be expecting warm weather for New Years. This weekend, the weather will be getting warmer from Texas to Georgia and from Arkansas to Nebraska. After this weekend, the warm weather will quickly change by a jet stream from the west bringing cold air along with it. Rain is also expected for many Southeastern states, where states from Louisiana to Alabama will have the most rainfall.

West - Snow will be expected in Western states from Colorado to Washington. As for California, rain will continue throughout New Years Day festivities, as this month has been the most rain California
has received in years!


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