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DCAT Logistics 7/3 – 7/9 July 03, 2017

Here at Direct Connect Auto Transport, we hope everyone has a great July 4th!  On July 4th, we celebrate our Independence and what it means to truly be an American. We also remember all of the fallen soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.


North - Severe storms are expected in Northern states from Pennsylvania to Connecticut and from West Virginia to North Carolina. Maine will have sunny weather on July 4th, but will have cloudy and rainy weather for the rest of the week. Storms in the North will not last all day and there will be pop up thunderstorms.

Midwest - States from South Dakota to Ohio can expect severe thunderstorms for today. Be prepared for heavy rain and damaging winds and potential tornadoes.

Northwest - A volcano in Alaska just erupted and is growing very fast. The Bogoslof volcano created its own Island, and grew three times its size in only 4 months. The volcano is not expected to reach mainland, but it is 850 miles Southwest of Anchorage. The ash clouds are reaching 20,000 feet which will delay or cancel flights between Asia and North America, and may cause potential harm to airliners.

South - Severe thunderstorms are expected for today in all Southern States. The most severe weather will be in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky. Florida to South Carolina will also experience severe weather this week. For the Southern states, tornadoes are possible.


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