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DCAT Logistics 1/9/2017 – 1/15/2017 January 09, 2017

North - Snow Storm Iras hit the U.S. this weekend moving from Midwestern states to the Northeastern states. An ice storm will also impact the U.S. this upcoming weekend, along with snow and rain. The Northeastern states will have a snowfall from 1 to 5 inches. States affected are from Maine to New York. Other states in the North from Ohio to Pennsylvania will also be affected from the ice and snow for this week.
West - Over the weekend, Snow Storm Iras hit parts of the Northwest. Oregon had up to an inch of ice during the storm, creating driving difficulties. Snow will continue in the West from California to Washington. The will be a snow mixture in Utah and Nevada, consisting of snow, ice and rain. Less than 6 inches of snow is expected for the beginning of the week. Heavy rain continues to impact the west, flooding areas from California to Nevada.
Midwest - Winter storm Iras will continue to hit the Midwest through Wednesday. Snow fall will range from 1 to 8 inches, and will affect states from North Dakota to Illinois. The Midwest will be also be hit by the ice storm towards the weekend, along with snow and rain.
South - An ice storm will affect the South this weekend along with a mixture of rain and snow. States affected will be from Kansas to Texas, and from Louisiana to Arkansas. States from Georgia to North Carolina will be affected by rain for this weekend.


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