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DCAT logistics 12/5 – 12/12 December 05, 2016

Snow Monday, Dec. 5, NE US

Picture of the snowfall and cold air in the Northeast. Photo Credit:



North - States in the Northeast are having rain and snow for this week. A mix of snow and freezing rain on Monday from New Jersey to Maine could make road conditions slippery for driving. The major highway I-90 going form New York to Massachusetts will be covered with slush and snow, making transportation slower with possible road closures.
Midwest - Over the weekend, Chicago, Illinois had its first snow of the seasons. More than 8 inches of snow fell and 210 snowplows were sent out to handle the storm that caused traffic backup across the state and flights to be cancelled at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. If you are in this area, proceed with caution when transporting vehicles. Roads in Illinois are still covered with snow throughout the state.The first winter snow for millions of people affected states from Michigan to Ohio.
West - Freezing arctic air is going from the West to East. California is expected for rain and drought relief. Above average rainfall is expected in major cities like San Francisco and Sacramento The beginning of water season in California starts on October 1st, but still 73 percent of California is still in drought. Wildfires are still possible because of the serious state of drought..
South - Heavy rain is expected to replenish the dry southern states for this week, especially along the Gulf Coast. Rain hit states like Texas with 7 - 12 inches of rain, covering major roads which may make temporarily block transportation. Rain will also affect states from Florida to Louisiana with anywhere from 1- 3 inches.


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