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Choosing the Best Car Shipping Service for You! January 28, 2020

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A simple Google search for auto transport services can yield hundreds of results – all claiming to be the best option for your auto transport needs, of course. Sifting through the ads and search engine results can be daunting. If searching for a car transport service has you overwhelmed, confused and unsure of what criteria to use to make a good decision, use this guide to help you! We’ll unpack the criteria you should be paying attention to and all the why’s, what’s and how’s of shipping a car. It won’t take long for you to become an expert on how to choose the best auto transport company. Get your engines started!

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Transport Service

Seven expert tips to help anyone in need of moving a car find the best shipping option fast!

Be sure you're a good match.

The best transport service for you might not be the best one for your neighbor. Why? Many have different specialties and different services offered, so it’s important to find one that matches your needs. Questions that need to be answered upfront are: What type of car are you shipping? A standard-size cars make for a more straight forward type of car transport. If you are shipping an over-sized vehicle, it may require a different type of auto carrier. If you are shipping a luxury sports car, it may require more TLC and more security to get it from point A to point B. One of the first steps in considering which car shipper is to ensure that they offer the services you need. From where to where is your car shipping route? Not every car shipper specializes in all regions. You’re going to want to partner with a car shipping company that has the infrastructure in place to get your vehicles from start to finish, no matter where that is. Are there any special accommodations needed for your auto transport? From the vintage automobile to the curb to curb pick up and drop off service, there are many special requests that those who transport their cars request. If your car shipment is not straightforward or needs a little special accommodation, you’ll need an auto transport company that can take care of all your requests with ease.

Check out the drivers.

The driver, also referred to as the auto carrier, is the key part of the puzzle in your car transport endeavor. It’s important to review in advance the quality of the auto shipper’s driver network. Do they have a thorough vetting process? Do they hire only high-quality drivers? This shows the car shipper’s dedication to quality, seamless car shipment.

Ask for a guarantee.

Sending one of your highest priced assets with an auto shipper, whether it’s across town or across the country, can expose you to risk. Of course, accidents do happen even to the best auto shipping companies. The question is, how will they handle it when an accident does go down? Check out the auto transport companies policies for protecting your beloved vehicles as they leave your possession en route to their final destination.

Review their reviews.

Reviews tell a story that the company website doesn’t. Typically, reviews are left by extremely happy or extremely unhappy customers. By taking a look at the online reviews for your auto shipping company, you’ll be able to search out trends, observe how the company handles complaints and get a feeling for who they are as a company.

Read the “About Us” page.

Check out the website of your prospective shipper. Does their website indicate that they’ve been around for a while? Do they have a team in place to guide you through your customer journey from start to finish? Or, is it a shell of a site that might indicate they are a fly-by-night operation (not necessarily the type you want to hand the keys of your car to)?

Understand the pricing.

This may seem slightly obvious. Of course, pricing matters – especially when we’re moving, purchasing a new car or sending kids off to college. Jumping on the lowest possible price for car shipping can, however, be a rooky mistake. Be sure to take a look at the fine print. Are there added fees that will be due upon arrival. Are key elements of the car shipping process add-ons or not offered (like insurance)? If the initial price looks significantly lower than all the rest, be sure to drill down on exactly why!

Talk to a live human.

The final and often-overlooked piece of the car shipping experience is customer service. Anytime you are dealing with logistics, things can change. Bad weather, a late arrival or any kind of issue that arises on your side might impact your auto transport. The question is, will anyone be available to assist you after normal business hours? Check out your auto transport company to see if they have a toll-free customer service team, 24-hour availability, lots of frequently asked questions on their website and maybe even a live chat feature online.

Why shipping your car makes sense

Transporting a car is a perfect solution to many a logistical problem. From moving to the other side of town to relocating to the other side of the U.S., professional auto shipping services can help solve those conundrums that come with getting a car, motorcycle or SUV from point A to point B without doing the driving oneself. The challenge can be navigating the many choices that are served up when you begin your search for the best shipping service. Using the above criteria will put you in a good position to make an excellent choice…or, if you’d like to fast forward, check out the industry leader – Direct Connect Auto Transport!

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