China is in the process of testing a train, the CRH-380A, that is said to run at 310mph. This train has the ability to reach fast, high speeds due to the lightweight construction formed from plastics reinforced with carbon fibers. It is also composed of magnesium alloy and other materials to reduce wind noise. The new CRH-380A train is being designed by the Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Company. The speed comparision of the fastest train the US, the Acela, steel train traveling from Boston to Washington DC would normally take 7 hours. If the CRH-380A were making the same trip from Boston to Washington DC it would take 3.5 hours to complete the run.

China has taken the initiative within the auto industry by constructing a lightweight and efficient means of public transportation. Once finished, this development could impact the ways in which trains are constructed all over the world. Trains are a very common and efficient ways of transporting people from one place to another. This advancement in technology could impact not only trains for long-distance travel, but influence subway train cars in major cities. The completion of this train will be interesting to note when completed and the future of trains will be impacted on several levels. In the meantime, if you are looking to ship your boat, Direct Connect Auto can give you a simple quote to assist you with any and all car or boat shipping service needs you may have.