Using auto transport to gift a car makes the act of giving easier than ever for the recipient, and much more convenient for the giver. It’s now possible to ship a car directly from your current location to a gift recipient, no matter where they are in the United States.

It goes without saying that shipping a car as a gift is a good idea. Who doesn’t want a car as a gift? But successfully using auto transport to gift a car requires attention to some important details.

Tips For Using Auto Transport To Gift a Car

If you’ve decided to use auto transport to gift a car, congratulations. You’re giving one of the best gifts you can possibly give. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your gift arrives safely.

Auto Transport Rules Apply

Even though you’re shipping a vehicle for someone else, all the usual tips for auto transport apply. Whether you’re shipping from New York to Florida or California to Texas, you’ll want to:

  • Choose the right type of carrier (open or enclosed)
  • Have a name and address for the recipient (so, no surprise deliveries!)
  • Get a maintenance check done on the car to make sure it has no issues before shipping
  • Hire a trustworthy auto transport company

Also, make sure to get a reliable estimate on shipping costs before committing to using auto transport to gift a car.

Follows All Rules and Regulations

As with all things that involve transferring something of value from one person to another, there’s going to be some paperwork involved with gifting a car. To make sure the process goes smoothly, keep the following in mind. 

Locate the car title. You can’t transfer ownership of a car without transferring the title. If you can’t find the title, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out how to get a replacement.

Pay off loans. You must satisfy any liens on a vehicle before you can gift it to someone else. In other words, you can’t give a car away if you still owe money on it.