Researchers in Tokyo, from the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, have created an anti-theft car seat detector. Over 360 sensors can be used to identify pressure that the individual driver places on a seat when in use. The sensors that were tested with smart technology had a 98% accuracy rate of identifying the intended driver. Though the sensors were not created with solely the intent of anti-theft devices, it allows for several opportunities within the auto industry realm of safety and security measures. This technology is expected to begin to be integrated into the market within 3 years.

The creation of a useable anti-theft sensor is just one example of how technology has impacted the advancement of the auto industry. The automobile industry has been evolving since its existence. However, with the rise and availability of technology and the Internet, the auto industry has and continues to benefit. The usability of products, such as anti-theft sensors, continues to make the customer a top priority. It will be interesting to note the progression in five years of how seamlessly technology is even more so integrated within automobiles and incorporated into the car industry. If you are looking to find an auto shipper to assist you with an upcoming college move, Direct Connect Auto Transport is the experienced car shipping company you have been looking for.